Who Are The Fastest Players In MLB The Show 22 Franchise Mode?

Los Angeles Dodgers shortstop Trea Turner
Brett Davis/USA TODAY Sports Images

MLB The Show 22 is here, and with it comes plenty of speed.

The latest edition of the franchise features some blazing speed. So much so, that I had to break this year’s list down by category.

Now that low minors are in the game, there are some unusable players with elite speed attributes. With that said, I decided to make a list for the top Major League Baseball players and another for minor leaguers in case you are interested in building the fastest farm system in baseball.

Here are the fastest players in MLB The Show 22, major league edition:

  1. LAD Shortstop Trea Turner (99 Speed)
  2. BAL Second Baseman Jorge Mateo (99 Speed)
  3. NYY Second Baseman Tim Locastro (99 Speed)
  4. HOU Center Fielder José Siri (99 Speed)
  5. MIN Center Fielder Byron Buxton (98 Speed)
  6. PHI Center Fielder Roman Quinn (98 Speed)
  7. ARI Center Fielder Jake McCarthy (98 Speed)
  8. MIA Second Baseman Jon Berti (97 Speed)
  9. COL Shortstop Garrett Hampson (96 Speed)
  10. STL Left Fielder Tyler O’Neill (95 Speed)

It’s no surprise to see Turner lead the list of fastest players in MLB The Show 22, as his speed has been on display for years. What makes this list interesting is the positional versatility. Mateo can play all over the diamond, as can Hampson.

Out of the list, Turner, Buxton and O’Neill are legitimate stars while Mateo, Hampson and Berti are everyday players worth developing. The same argument could be made for Siri as well.

As for the rest of the list? Well, I personally think there is immense value in having a burner on the bench to swipe a bag in the clutch. Having depth with truly elite speed is an advantage, especially with the game on the line.

Here are the fastest players in MLB The Show 22, minor league edition:

  1. TEX Left Fielder Eli White (99 Speed)
  2. DET Center Fielder Derek Hill (99 Speed)
  3. CHW Center Fielder James Beard (99 Speed)
  4. NYY Center Fielder Jasson Dominguez (94 Speed)
  5. LAA Right Fielder Jo Adell (94 Speed)
  6. TEX Center Fielder Leody Taveras (93 Speed)
  7. PIT Left Fielder Anthony Alford (93 Speed)
  8. ATL Center Fielder Justin Dean (93 Speed)
  9. TB Shortstop Greg Jones (92 Speed)
  10. CIN Center Fielder Michael Siani (90 Speed)
  11. PHI Shortstop Casey Martin (90 Speed)

I had to make this list for players like Beard, who is technically one of the fastest players in MLB The Show 22, but is unusable in the game for anything besides base running as a 51 overall. The list does have value though, for two reasons.

First, there aren’t many top prospects with elite speed, making it important to collect as many as you can. It’s also easier to call a prospect up if he already has a pinch-running role on the team while his overall skill set continues to develop. Dominguez, Adell and Jones all fit that category.

Second, the lesser prospects are perfect players to add in the aforementioned pinch-running role if you literally just want someone with speed on the end of your bench. You might want to keep someone like Dominguez in the minors until he is ready to start every day in order to avoid stunting his growth. In the meantime, you can trade D potential Single-A players for some of these depth/utility options like White or Alford.

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