Top 5 Teams to Rebuild in Madden 22 Franchise Mode

Madden 22 Rebuild

Most franchise mode users are looking for a team to rebuild in Madden 22. There is nothing more entertaining than building up a terrible team and pushing them into contention. With all of the young quarterbacks in the game there is no better time than the present for a Madden 22 rebuild. Here are my top five teams to rebuild in Madden 22 franchise mode.

Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jacksonville Jaguars are my top team to rebuild in Madden 22. That is not exactly a hot take for many reasons. The Jaguars are the fourth-worst team in the league with a 75 overall rating. However, the team is riddled with young talent, including QB Trevor Lawrence (78 overall). Lawrence has had the pressure of being the next Peyton Manning since he hit puberty. So far, the first overall pick has lived up to the hype. Now it’s time for Lawrence’s biggest challenge. He will be tasked with turning around the Jacksonville Jaguars alongside Head Coach Urban Meyer.

The team also features an exiting young core around Lawrence. The star quarterback will be joined by Clemson teammate and fellow first-round pick RB Travis Etienne Jr. (76 overall). There is a talented group of second year players as well, namely undrafted RB James Robinson (86 overall), CB C.J. Henderson (78 overall) and WR Laviska Shenault Jr. (76 overall). This young core is certainly good enough to build around. The challenge will be to put the pieces in place around these young talents. The Jacksonville Jaguars top my list of Madden 22 rebuilds.

New York Jets

The New York Jets had a guaranteed spot on the list because they are the lowest overall team in Madden 22. Jets fans will be rocking with a 72 overall team this season. I actually like the idea of rebuilding the Jets because of how many personnel changes you will have to make. The spotlight of the team will be on second-overall pick QB Zach Wilson (75 overall). DT Quinnen Williams (86 overall) and LT Mekhi Becton (82 overall) are the only two young players that are proven staples of the organization. There are plenty of young weapons to be excited for as well. WR Elijah Moore (73 overall), HB Michael Carter (73 overall) and WR Denzel Mims (72 overall) all have the potential to become stars. Until they flourish, there are some veterans that can carry the load. The overall roster will need a lot of work though. The worst team in the game certainly fits as a top candidate for a Madden 22 rebuild.

Cincinnati Bengals

The idea of playing with the Cincinnati Bengals in Madden 22 is so interesting to me that I forget how bad they are. The Bengals are a 75 overall team, tied with the Jaguars for the fourth-worst team in the NFL. I expect this team to take a big leap in real life and in the game with the right user play. The reason why the Bengals are fun is purely offensive. Last years first-overall pick QB Joe Burrow (77 overall) is back after a season ending ACL/MCL injury. Star RB Joe Mixon (88 overall) will be by his side all season along with a dynamic receiving core. Burrow will be throwing to WR Tyler Boyd (85 overall), former Clemson star WR Tee Higgins (78 overall), WR Auden Tate (76 overall) and rookie first-round pick Ja’Marr Chase (75 overall). The defense will need to be almost completely rebuilt and the offensive line will need some work as well. I am seriously considering the Bengals as a Madden 22 rebuild option.

Carolina Panthers

The Panthers are one of the best teams to rebuild in Madden 22 because they do not have one piece in place that all of the other teams on this list do. The quarterback situation is completely up in the air. You have two intriguing options in my eyes. The first solution is to rebuild the career of QB Sam Darnold (71 overall). Darnold is at the lowest point of his career but has a second chance in Carolina. The other path would be to get by in year one or maybe two with Darnold as you look for your next quarterback in the draft. I like the challenge of both concepts. There is plenty of talent at the top of the roster but so little depth that the Panthers have the second-worst team in Madden 22, with a 73 overall rating. RB Christian McCaffrey (97 overall) will be a blast to use but his line isn’t strong enough to really let him loose. WR Robby Anderson (87 overall) is another fun offensive weapon and LE Brian Burns (87 overall) should be a 99 overall in no time with some user blitzes. He has elite speed and pass rush ability. I like the idea of a Panthers Madden 22 rebuild.

Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles have been one of the most up and down teams of the last decade. In Madden 22 the Eagles sit at a 76 overall, tied for the sixth-worst in football. The team has a decent amount of talent at the top of the roster but age is not on their side. The Eagles top stars are all over the hill and will regress/retire quickly. They have a chance to compete in year one in a weak NFC East division but will face plenty of turmoil in the first few seasons. The key will be to bring QB Jalen Hurts (71 overall) to stardom in year two. Hurts is a real dual-threat quarterback that has a chance to quickly develop into a staple of the Eagles franchise. He will have a couple of young weapons to work with, former Alabama teammate and Heisman winner WR Devonta Smith (75 overall) as well as last years first-round pick WR Jalen Reagor (73 overall). They could form quite the young trio and really kickstart the Madden 22 rebuild.

Once you pick which team to pick in franchise mode, it’s time to beef up your roster. I can help with the best trade targets in Madden 22.

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