The Fantasy Football Hub is HERE!

Fantasy Football Hub

We have a new show the “Fantasy Football Hub” that we could not be more excited for! This is our newest project hosted by Scott Edwards and Scott Neville. If you could not tell by the title, this is a show exclusively for Fantasy Football that will run throughout the season. The show was designed to deliver you the information needed to win your league, while being entertained along the way. The first episode is already live with Episode 2 coming at midnight.

Episode 1: Tips and Tricks for the Best Fantasy Football Experience

In the debut episode the WTF Sports crew jump right in with some news (00:01:14). The show really kicks off when the team jumps into their best tips to have the most enjoyable Fantasy Football Experience (00:07:04) and gives plenty of insight for the best team building strategies on draft day (00:41:14). We wrap up the show with a quick Q & A from supporters.

This is something that we are really excited to kick off and would appreciate anyone who wants to follow along with us.

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