The Best Three-Point Shooters in NBA 2K22

Best Three-Point Shooters in NBA2K22

Three-point shooting is one of the key attributes that majority of users are going to look at first when evaluating a player (especially when targeting guards and forwards). NBA 2K22 has made some ratings public and we have the list of the best three-point shooters in 2K22.

Here are the best three-point shooters in NBA 2K22:

  1. Stephen Curry (GSW) – 99
  2. Klay Thompson (GSW) – 95
  3. Duncan Robinson (MIA) – 90
  4. Joe Harris (BKN) – 90
  5. Seth Curry (PHI) – 90

NBA 2K22 did not go against the grain by naming Steph Curry as the best three-point shooter in the NBA. He’s by far the best shooter in the game and will continue to splash threes from range in NBA 2K22. The best part about Curry’s shooting is that he also has one of the best jump shots in the game. His release is fast but smooth enough to get consistent greens. The only player that is even remotely close to Curry in three-point shooting is his teammate Klay Thompson. Klay is finally healthy and looking to prove that he deserves that 95 rating. The splash brothers are back and looking to return to their 2019 form. They were last seen together in the NBA Finals and are looking to make a return to the big stage, aided by their extensive range.

Duncan Robinson, Joe Harris and Seth Curry come together to create the second tier of elite three-point shooting in NBA 2K22. Robinson just signed a hefty five-year $90M deal largely because of his ability to consistently put up shots from behind the arc. Joe Harris is an underrated piece of the Brooklyn Nets super team and will provide plenty of value shooting from the corner. Seth Curry is the last player on the top five list. He’s tied for the third best shooter in the game and somehow still behind his brother. Seth Curry is a much needed three-point shooter for Philadelphia and will be a great player to target for cheap in any team format in NBA 2K22, whether it’s MyTeam, MyGM or MyLeague.

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