Teams Most Likely to Draft Trevor Lawrence

Trevor Lawrence Draft

Trevor Lawrence: the crown jewel of the 2021 NFL Draft class will be the most highly sought after prospect next April. We will likely see #Tank4Trevor trending at some point so let’s take a look at some possible destinations for Trevor Lawrence.

Jacksonville Jaguars

With the departure of Nick Foles, the Jags will be in the market place for a quarterback next year. Right now Gardner Minshew is unopposed in the quarterback room and it is tough to believe that he is the quarterback of the future. There is also a real possibility that the Jags end up with #1 pick next year and it’s tough to imagine they would pass up on a generational talent. Trevor Lawrence could be a long-term solution for a franchise that has been without a stable quarterback in a long time.

Washington Redskins

Depending on how Dwayne Haskins 2020 season goes, the Redskins could be in the market for a quarterback. The Redskins have been craving a franchise quarterback ever since they traded three first-round picks and second round-pick for RG3. After a poor 2019 season, Haskins has a lot to prove this season. If he can not get the job done and the Redskins end up with the #1 pick, Trevor Lawrence would likely take over the quarterback room in Washington. With Trevor Lawrence, the Redskins would have their quarterback of the future to pair up with a hopefully healthy Derrius Guice, their 2018 2nd round selection.

Carolina Panthers

Cam Newton is out in Carolina and I am not all that sure that Teddy Bridgewater is the long-term solution at the quarterback position. Bridgewater has not started more than 5 games in a season since 2015, but did have a strong stretch last year with the Saints. If the Panthers do end up having a good year then it would make no sense for them to draft Trevor Lawrence, but if they end up struggling next year, Carolina would be an ideal situation. Lawrence would have arguably the most electric back lining behind him and a veteran in Teddy Bridgewater to show him the ropes.

Wrap Up

In the end, I think whatever team ends up with #1 pick will have a tough time talking themselves out of drafting Trevor Lawrence. He is a generational talent that could change the course of any franchise. If you liked this article check some of our most recent posts.

Trevor Lawrence Draft