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Stephen Mottram

Stephen Mottram

Steve is a Junior at Merrimack College, set to graduate in 2021. He is a Communications and Media major with a minor in Interdisciplinary Film Studies. Steve’s goal is to use his abilities as a writer to engage an audience and hopefully make them laugh.

The Dorm

The Dorm was Steve’s final project for his Field Production class. It was a loose parody of “The Office.” The mockumentary style cinematography was replicated but the plot was original.

Steve wrote, directed and starred in the film in his first attempt at a full length pilot.

Hot Dog Suit

The Case of the Missing Hot Dog Suit was another project for Steve’s Field Production class. His assignment was to make a skit that included B-Roll.

Steve wrote, directed and starred in the film as well. He formed and led a team of reoccurring faces to help make his projects come to life.


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