Risk Factor: RB Nick Chubb

Nick Chubb

The “Risk Factor” was exemplified by our own Scott Neville in his positional rankings and we would now like to take it a step further. In Fantasy Football, your top priority in the draft is to avoid risk. Unfortunately, it seems as though certain big names players carry much more risk than others and leave fantasy owners wondering what in the world they should be doing. The next in the “Risk Factor” series is RB Nick Chubb. 

Risk Factor: 4/10

Being that there is not a holdout or injury to deal with here, there could be some confusion as to why Nick Chubb is featured in our “Risk Factor” series. Quite simple – Kareem Hunt. All the way back in February, the Cleveland Browns shocked many when they signed Kareem Hunt to their roster following his actions outside of football that left him as a free agent. It is even more shocking because Nick Chubb seemingly proved to everyone that he has all it takes to get the job done as the bell cow RB of the Browns. With that being said, his risk factor remains low with the eight-game suspension to Hunt.

Where do you draft Nick Chubb?

The scare is that when Hunt returns to the lineup, Chubb the duo will be splitting time in the backfield. However, Chubb has eight games in one of the most hyped offenses going into the 2019 season to prove that he doesn’t need to share the ball. Chubb showed signs as a quality receiver along with his domination on the ground that he showed in his college days at Georgia and late in the season last year. He averaged an awesome 5.2 yards per carry, and if he can continue with that this season while he is not splitting time, that allows him to be a possible RB1 in Fantasy.

In the consensus Fantasy Pros PPR rankings, he is currently sitting at 19th overall with an ADP of 23. That would place him in the second round of 12-man leagues, or the third in 10-man. With that being said, he is worth taking at the turnaround of the 2nd and 3rd round in 12-man leagues. The talent is there and being in such an offense leaves him as a talent who can easily be an RB1 in Fantasy this season. Best case scenario would be to select Kareem Hunt in the later rounds as well of you have the bench spot. His current ADP is 99, so a bench spot just in case is the way to go. Low risk and high reward for the stud RB.

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