Risk Factor: RB Le’Veon Bell

The “Risk Factor” was exemplified by our own Scott Neville in his positional rankings and we would now like to take it a step further. In Fantasy Football, your top priority in the draft is to avoid risk. Unfortunately, it seems as though certain big names players carry much more risk than others and leave fantasy owners wondering what in the world they should be doing. The next in the “Risk Factor” series is RB Le’Veon Bell

Risk Factor: 0.5/10

A season ago, people were absolutely burned by the selection of Le’Veon Bell. He was going as early as the first overall choice and rarely fell past two in most drafts. He sat the entire season due to his contract dispute with the Pittsburgh Steelers and has officially joined the New York Jets for the foreseeable future. Many fantasy fans are fearful at what to expect from Bell this season. While fair, his risk is almost non-existent this season. In no way are you drafting him in the top three this season, which makes his risk low. He will be playing this season and is determined to not only show that he is still the best RB in football, but he wants to bring fantasy championships to the people who draft him.

Where do you draft Le’Veon Bell?

There is an incredibly short list of people ahead of Le’Veon Bell in fantasy this year, PPR, Half, or Standard. Right now, Saquon Barkley, Alvin Kamara, Christian McCaffrey, and David Johnson are currently the only layups ahead of the Jets’ new RB. People may be asking where is Zeke, which raises the thought of him not being worth the headache right now with these five top RBs ready to perform. Bell has said he is ready to go this season and touch the balls as many times as he needs to to help his team win. Bell is a beast and his stats have proved that in all of his fantasy seasons combined.

People are going to question how he has zero risk but he has fresh as he could ever be. He is doing everything in his power to deliver for his team that is very clearly on the rise. Bell is going to be heavily involved in the Jets offense and most definitely will prove to be the safety blanket for Sam Darnold many times this season. The Adam Gase offense is the only factor in all of this that would even slightly hold him back, but then again Gase’s offenses have also shown to utilize the RB in a big way. With Le’Veon Bell this season, taking him in the first round and enjoy this talent guy deliver for the first time in almost two years.

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