Could the Red Sox Poach LeMahieu From the Yankees?

D.J. LeMahieu Red Sox
(AP Photo/Julio Cortez)

D.J. LeMahieu is a criminally underrated second baseman entering free agency in just a few weeks. He has the highest WAR out of any of the upcoming free agents at 2.87 in just 50 games. In this shortened 2020 season, LeMahieu hit .364 with 10 HRs, 27 RBIs for a 1.011 OPS. His batting average was the highest in the MLB and his OPS ranked third in the MLB, leading the American League.

D.J. LeMahieu’s success in 2020 was not a fluke during a shortened season. Since signing a two-year, $24M deal with the New York Yankees, LeMahieu has been one of the best players in the sport. Over the course of his ten year career, LeMahieu has racked up quite a resume between Colorado and New York.

D.J. LeMahieu’s Accolades

  • 2019 All-MLB First Team
  • 2X Battling Title
  • 3X All-Star
  • 3X Gold Glove
  • 3X Wilson Defensive Player of the Year

The Red Sox have had lackluster production out of the second base position for years. LeMahieu is 32-years-old and can still provide plenty of value both at the plate and on defense. D.J. would be an extremely productive hitter at the top of the Red Sox lineup. Not only would that move help the Red Sox dramatically, it would also remove the Yankees most consistent player from their roster. Any move that makes the Red Sox better and the Yankees worse will help to close the gap in the division.

Can the Red Sox actually sign D.J. LeMahieu

The short answer is yes, the Red Sox have successfully reset the cap and will be looking to spend this offseason. The team has been consistent in saying that 2021 is not going to be a rebuild year. The 2020 team was handicapped by the luxury tax, this 2021 team will not be. While pitching remains a priority, LeMahieu will likely be one of the most productive players in his free agent class. The Red Sox should be in play for a player of his caliber, especially considering our lack of options at second base. LeMahieu’s age and play style will result in a team-friendly deal. General Managers hate to pay players on the wrong side of 30 and contact hitters, LeMahieu is both. That said, his production for the Yankees has been undeniable and his value will outweigh his contract. The Red Sox will have plenty of room to sign LeMahieu and add a high-end pitcher like Trevor Bauer. There will also be plenty of money left for bullpen help.

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