Red Sox Piss Game Away Early, 0-4 RISP

Red Sox Yankees

The Red Sox entered the Bronx feeling much better after a two game winning streak. The trouble is, the Red Sox only have two real starters in the rotation, and now head to Yankee Stadium trying to win a series with openers. This season is going to be a long one, as Chaim Bloom has deemed this season a bridge year. For that reason, the Red Sox have a sizable group of pitchers that have bad numbers at the professional level and lack potential. If Bloom insists on filling out the roster with non-MLB talent, at least use young guys that could develop into decent players.

Third Inning – NYY 2 – BOS 1

Heading into the third, Ryan Weber handled his own, allowing a hit and two walks. He looked shaky as always, but got through two innings untouched. Michael Chavis opened the inning with a bang, hammering a thigh high 91 MPH fastball over the left field wall. The Red Sox stringed two singles together later in the inning but blew the opportunity by making yet another base running mistake this season.

To open the bottom of the third, D.J. LeMahieu singled, hitting a ball up the middle. Then Weber served up a home run on a silver platter to Aaron Judge (3), to wipe away the lead. Stanton hit a warning track shot in the next at-bat. Ryan Weber stinks at throwing baseballs, but we already knew that.

Fourth Inning – NYY 3 – BOS 1

The Red Sox managed to get the bases loaded against Montgomery with one out, and came out empty. Montgomery made an error on a soft comebacker to load the bases, but showed immediate resiliency. He was in a tough spot, but knew he was one pitch away from getting out of the jam, and he did.

In the bottom half of the inning, Weber gave up a home run to Gio Urshela (1) and then walked Brett Gardner. His night ended after he forced a ground out from Kyle Higashioka. Weber went 3.1 IP, allowing four hits, four walks, and three runs on two home runs. Please get this clown out of a Red Sox uniform. Thank you.

Eighth Inning – NYY 5 – BOS 1

Colten Brewer gave up a two-run home run to Brett Gardner (1), which was the icing on the cake. The game was already over by this point, as the Yankees bullpen was slicing through the Red Sox lineup.


The Red Sox lost this game because they left a lot of runs on the table. Weber was abysmal, but the relief pitching kept Boston in the game. Philips Valdez pitched great today, and received praise from both Eckersley and Remy. Thus far, Valdez has pitched 5.2 innings in three games, maintaining a 0.00 ERA and a 0.71 WHIP. It’s a small sample size, but he is starting to impress in his age 28 season. He could be in the running for next weeks rotation, or be a long relief option this season.

Brewer gave up a two-run home run against Brett Gardner (1), but by that point it was already over. The Red Sox opportunities came with Montgomery still on the mound, and the offense did not come through. The Red Sox are supposed to be a top tier offense, but the meat of the order is stifling. Martinez is just 7-32 (.219), Devers is 5-29 (.172) and Bogaerts is 6-25 .240). They have driven in just eight runs combined.

The Red Sox will face off against the Yankees again tomorrow night in the Bronx. Zack Godley will get his first start in a Red Sox uniform against Masahiro Tanaka. If you liked this article, check out the rest of our MLB content here!