N’Keal Harry – Patriots Rookie Spotlight

N'Keal Harry
N’Keal Harry vs Oregon State

The Patriots Rookie Spotlight is a daily series where I will go down the list and break down each of the 10 players taken in the 2019 NFL Draft. It’s only right to start with first round pick N’Keal Harry.

Harry was selected with the 32nd Overall Pick, as a 6’2″, 228 lb Wide Receiver. Harry profiles as an outside threat, who will be a weapon in the red-zone. This was a great pick as the Patriots needed to bolster their receiving core, especially with the absence Gronkowski. Harry was an elite talent at Arizona State, racking up 2,889 yards and 22 Touchdowns over three seasons.

The Perfect Patriot

The more you learn about N’Keal Harry the better. Harry has said what Belichick wants to hear: “I just want to do whatever I can to be successful and to help the team win. Whatever coach asks of me, I’ll do it, whether that’s on the inside, whether that’s in the slot. If they want to put me in the backfield, it doesn’t matter. I’ll do whatever I need to do.” At Arizona State, Harry played all three wide receiver positions, occasionally ran the ball, and even threw a touchdown. If that’s not enough, he has shown a lot of promise as a kick and punt returner. Versatility and a willingness to learn is what makes an impact Patriot.

Learning from Edelman

Harry made waves in New England when he got invited to work with Tom Brady in the off-season, an event that rookies are typically not involved in. Now, Harry has leaned on Julian Edelman to improve his game. Harry talked about some of the areas that have already been affected by Jules: “I’ve seen myself improve on route-running already within the first three days, so I’m just going to keep listening to him and keep that same approach and that same mindset coming into practice every day.” Harry also mentioned the preparation Edelman does before and after practice.

N’Keal Harry Has Elite Hands

Harry is one of the most talented receivers in the rookie class. While he works on building chemistry with Brady, improving route-running with Edelman, his hands are right where they should be. Harry is as good as anybody in his class when it comes to his hands. He reminds me a lot of Odell Beckham Jr. coming out of LSU. Watch this catch and tell me you don’t see flashes of the Beckham’s signature catch:

If that is not enough, here is a video that displays N’Keal Harry’s physicality, explosiveness, play-making ability, and route-running:

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