Fantasy Football: Making the Case – RB Ezekiel Elliott

The “Making the Case” Series continues with the top four options in this years Fantasy Football Drafts, as all four could reasonably go at number one. Yesterday was Saquon Barkley, who many analysts have as their number one choice, leading to the consensus overall player. However, we all have our own thoughts and the scare of Saquon Barkley’s roster can lead to him sliding out of the number one overall spot, which allows a player who mirrors him to take over. That player? Ezekiel Elliott.

Ezekiel Elliott is the consensus number two ranked player by Fantasy Football Analysts, per FantasyPros. In my rankings, he was the first overall RB in my eyes, leaving him as the first option off the board. Reason being? Ezekiel Elliott can do exactly what Saquon Barkley can do with a far better offense.

Making the Case Reason 1: Best Situation

The Dallas Cowboys have a Pro Bowl WR in Amari Cooper on their roster, along with Dak Prescott who is also former Pro Bowler and far and away better than whatever Eli Manning still brings to the table. With those two counting and the rest of the offensive personnel being overall better like the offensive line, Zeke has the advantage by far considering he is just as good as Barkley at that position. The centerpiece of the Cowboys success runs through Elliott and the box will not be stacked against him nearly as much as it was earlier in the season like last year. If the offensive line can stay healthy and Dak can build off his second half last year, this team and most importantly Zeke is going to be one of the best in football.

Making the Case Reason 2: Opportunity

Last season, Ezekiel Elliott touched the football a league high 381 times. He by far carried the ball the most of any RB in football with 304 rushes and dramatically changed the way owners should look at him when he showed a receiving side with 77 catches to add. Believe it or not, it was his most fantasy points in a single season which is shocking considering many considered it a year that was not the best of Zeke considering his lack of TDs. 9 total TDs by Zeke was incredibly short of what to expect for such a dominant back. With the Cowboys viewed as one of the most talented teams in football going into this season and the offense having time to connect over the offseason more than last, Zeke is destined to lead in touches and rushing yards yet again while improving his TD total.

Making the Case Reason 3: Proven Entity

Zeke has played three seasons in the NFL. In those three seasons, he’s played full seasons twice, with his second year being tainted by suspension. In his rookie season, he led the entire NFL in rushing yards 1,631. The 2018-19 season rushing title was once again won by Ezekiel Elliott as he ran for 1,435 yards. As long as he plays the entire season, he is going to lead the NFL in rushing. At least that’s what history states. Both those seasons he finished in the Top 5 for RBs. 2016 finishing with 325.4 in a second place finish and 2018 with 329.2 points. Plain and simple, Zeke has proven his worth and is prepared to play for his best team yet with the entire team running through him. This is Zeke’s year to go number one if there ever were one.


It becomes difficult to view Zeke any lower than number two going into the season this year. For Fantasy Football fans however, what might be the ultimate scare is risking selection on another RB sitting out via contract dispute, which Zeke may be on his way to doing. As long as this dispute is cleared by the time your draft comes around, it would be tough to say anything but yes to Ezekiel Elliott with the number one selection.

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Would you take Ezekiel Elliott with the first overall choice if given the chance?

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