Madden 22 Best Teams (Highest Overall Teams)

Madden 22 Best Teams

Whether you are looking to find a team to pick up in franchise mode or just trying to beat the brakes off of your friends, it’s always good to know which teams carry the most firepower.

If you are starting a franchise and have some experience with Madden, I recommend attempting a rebuild. Roster construction via trades, free agency, and the draft are more fun when the team itself has many holes to fill. The actual gameplay is also more entertaining because you have young players improve as the season rolls on and the games are far more challenging, making each play/decision more important. If that sounds interesting, check out the best teams to rebuild in Madden 22.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers – 92

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are the highest-rated team in Madden 22, at 92 overall. They hold a confident lead for the top spot, after bringing back all 22 starters from their Super Bowl Championship run a year ago. The team is led by Tom Brady, a 44-year-old with the highest quarterback rating in the game. Since taking sole possession of first place in ratings, the Madden adjusters have moved him down to a 97 overall, tying him with Patrick Mahomes and Aaron Rodgers (who also received a boost).

The Buccaneers have the best defense in the game and the second-best offense. That is a pretty good recipe for success in my opinion. The team features eight players with 90+ overall ratings, as well plenty of young talent on the cusp of elite ratings. The top 19 players on the roster have 80+ overall ratings. If you are looking to come in day one and blowout opponents, Tampa Bay is the right team to choose. The same applies to head-to-head gameplay outside of franchise mode.

Kansas City Chiefs – 90

One year removed from representing the AFC in the Super Bowl, the Chiefs have the second-highest rating in Madden 22. They are one of two teams to breach the 90 overall mark and look to have earned that rating after a shaky start to the season. The Chiefs have five players in the 90+ overall range, with 12 total players with ratings of at least 80. The Chiefs do not have the depth that the Buccaneers have but they do have the top-end firepower and speed. The Chiefs’ top three players are Travis Kelce (TE, 99), Patrick Mahomes (QB, 97), and Tyreek Hill (WR, 97), who is the fastest player in Madden 22.

They also have Mecole Hardman (WR, 78) who also made the list of fastest receivers in Madden 22. The offense is full of superstars and has a ridiculous rating of 96, four points ahead of the second-place Buccaneers (in terms of offensive rating). Gunslingers may want to choose the Chiefs as their top team to play as in Madden 22.

Note: The defense is a lowly 78 overall, meaning you are going to need to put up some points to win games, though that should not be an issue.

Green Bay Packers – 89

The Green Bay Packers are always one of the premier teams in the NFL. In fact, they usually find themselves a few plays away from a Super Bowl appearance. In this case, the Packers rank just below last year’s Super Bowl participants, with an 89 overall rating. Just like the previous two teams, the Packers are equipped with a superstar, 97 overall quarterback. The team also has six 90+ overall players and 14 80+ overall players.

The team is constructed perfectly for Madden, with an elite quarterback, wide receiver, left tackle, cornerback, and halfback. WR Davante Adams leads the team with a 99 overall rating, LT David Bakhtiari stonewalls pash rushers with a 96 overall rating, CB Jaire Alexander will lock down the opposing number one receiving threat with a 95 overall, and HB Aaron Jones will make plays in both the passing and running game with a 90 overall rating. Green Bay also has plenty of depth to get through a full season.

Baltimore Ravens – 88

The Ravens are the fourth highest-rated team, with an 88 overall rating. The Ravens are one of the most entertaining teams to play with due to 91 overall quarterback Lamar Jackson and their offensive scheme built around his playmaking ability. Baltimore’s highest-rated players are tight end Mark Andrews and left tackle Ronnie Stanley, both of whom have a 92 overall. On defense, the Ravens have an elite cornerback duo in 91 overall Marlon Humphrey and 88 overall Marcus Peters.

The Ravens are the most balanced team besides the Buccaneers, with an 85 overall defense and 84 overall offense. Both offensive and defensive playbooks are high quality and tailor-made for their roster. I would argue that the Ravens are the most fun team to use in the game due to the overall depth and Lamar Jackson’s remarkable mobility. The offense features one of the fastest receivers in Madden 22 as well as the elite, aforementioned safety blanket of Mark Andrews.

Cleveland Browns – 87

After years of heartbreak and disarray, the Browns are finally a contender, on paper at least. The Browns are the fifth-highest-rated team in Madden 22, just one point below their AFC North rival Baltimore Ravens, with an 87 overall.

Cleveland is anchored by an incredibly strong run game, with 95 overall running back Nick Chubb taking most of the workload. 88 overall running back Kareem Hunt should see plenty of action as well. Guards Joel Bitonio and Wyatt Teller will be paving the way for the pair of strong backs as both players received an 89 overall rating.

Like the Chiefs, the Browns are a team with a very highly rated offense paired with a league-average defense. The difference is that the team has a few legitimate stars at key positions. Defensive end Myles Garrett, for example, is an exclusive member of the 99 club. The 24-year-old cornerback Denzel Ward is not too far behind as a 90 overall. Having an elite pass rusher to pair with an elite cornerback sets a wonderful foundation in franchise mode.

Buffalo Bills – 86

The Bills are the sixth-highest-rated team at an 86 overall. While fourth in the AFC sounds about right, I’m a little surprised the Cleveland Browns were given the edge over the reigning AFC East champs. The Bills were in the AFC championship a year ago and very much appeared to be on the rise.

The Bills have a relatively balanced team with a slight nod given to the defense. The Bills offense in Madden 22 is an 82 overall while the defense leads the team at an 86 overall.

Wide receiver Stefon Diggs leads the team with a 96 overall rating. Cornerback Tre’Davious White is trailing right behind with a 94 overall. Both safeties Jordan Poyer and Micah Hyde share 88 overall ratings, rounding out a stout secondary. Quarterback Josh Allen is the last elite player on the team with an 87 overall. The Bills have 15 players with an 80+ rating, making them one of the most talented all-around rosters. Buffalo is home to a much-needed mix of star players and foundational depth.

Dallas Cowboys – 86

The Cowboys are tied with Buffalo with an 86 overall rating. Their offense leads the charge with an 88 overall, fifth in the league. Right guard Zack Martin leads the team with a 98 overall rating, one of four Cowboys in the 90+ range. Quarterback Dak Prescott just missed that criteria, with an 89 overall rating. The team has 13 players with 80+ ratings, nine of which are on the offensive side of the ball.

The defense was expected to be quite poor but breakouts from rookie linebacker Micah Parsons and second-year cornerback Trevon Diggs have turned the tide. Parsons has risen all the way to an 87 overall, leaving all other rookies in the dust. Diggs has climbed to an 82 overall while leading the NFL in interceptions.

Arizona Cardinals – 85

The Cardinals sit at an 85 overall, which is just enough to qualify as elite (Madden considers 85+ as an elite rating). With an 84 overall defense and 83 overall offense, the Cardinals are an extremely balanced team.

Arizona has five players in the 90+ tier, which is quite high. They are slightly behind the top-tier teams because they only have 12 players with a rating of 80+. The Cardinals have plenty of star power but could use some more depth. That said, they are in the upper third of the league in overall team rating. DeAndre Hopkins is the best player on the team with a 98 overall rating. He fell just shy of being a part of the 99 club for the second year in a row. Kyler Murray is finally rated appropriately after years of being disrespected by the game. Murray is an 88 overall, and one of the fastest quarterbacks in the game.

Tennesee Titans – 85

The Titans are tied for the eighth-best team in the league with the Cardinals and have become a perennial playoff contender. The team features an 87 overall offense and an 80 overall defense. It comes as no surprise to see how great the offensive rating is when you look at some of the talent on that side of the ball.

Derrick Henry is the highest-rated running back in Madden 22 with a 98 overall rating. On each side of the field opposing defenses will have to find a way to contain the wide receiver duo of 87 overall Julio Jones and 85 overall A.J. Brown. Ryan Tannehill will be at the helm, who was also given an 85 overall rating.

The Titans round out the list of elite teams in Madden 22. The NFL has proven to be quite balanced this year but these teams appear to be some of the most serious contenders come playoff time (besides the Browns). These are the teams to pick in head-to-head online gameplay. If you are just starting out in franchise mode or just looking to have short-term fun, these teams are also great options to play as.

Rest of the Bunch

Here is a full list of every team that did not make the cut of best teams in Madden 22. You can see how your team stacked up to the rest of the league. At this point of the season, it’s pretty clear where Madden went right and especially where they went wrong.

  • Los Angeles Chargers (84)
  • Los Angeles Rams (84)
  • New Orleans Saints (84)
  • San Francisco 49ers (83)
  • New England Patriots (83)
  • Denver Broncos (82)
  • Seattle Seahawks (82)
  • Washington Football Team (81)
  • Las Vegas Raiders (81)
  • Indianapolis Colts (80)
  • Pittsburgh Steelers (80)
  • Chicago Bears (79)
  • Miami Dolphins (79)
  • New York Giants (78)
  • Minnesota Vikings (78)
  • Atlanta Falcons (77)
  • Philadelphia Eagles (76)
  • Houston Texans (76)
  • Cincinatti Bengals (75)
  • Jacksonville Jaguars (75)
  • Detroit Lions (74)
  • Carolina Panthers (73)
  • New York Jets (72)

Once again, I’d like to recommend that you check out the best teams to rebuild in Madden 22, especially if you clicked this article to find your next team in franchise mode.

Who has the best offense in Madden 22?

The Kansas City Chiefs have the top offense, with a staggering 96 offensive rating. Patrick Mahomes leads the charge with two superstar weapons to throw to in Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce and a revamped offensive line. The offense is fast, talented, and led by one of the best masterminds in the game, Andy Reid.

They also have, in my opinion, the best passing playbook in the game.

Who has the best defense in Madden 22?

The reigning Super Bowl Champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers have the highest-rated defense in Madden 22. The team holds a 90 defensive rating, with a two-point lead over the second-place Pittsburgh Steelers. The Steelers have a defensive rating of 88, which is surprising right?

Back to the main message, the Buccaneers were able to retain all 22 starters from the Super Bowl roster, so it comes as no surprise that the team retains the defensive throne.

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