Madden 20: Best Offensive Trade Targets for Franchise Mode

Madden 20 trade

We don’t typically cover games, but I enjoyed making my “How to pick your Franchise Team for Madden 20” article, and it was well received so here we are. With brand new X-Factor abilities, trading for a star may be just as important as choosing the actual team. One Madden 20 trade could make your team into a dynasty if you make the right move.

WR DeAndre Hopkins – 99 Overall

Hopkins is one of only four 99 overall players, making a trade of this magnitude a complicated one. Certain teams will not have the assets needed to make a move for Hopkins. The best option may be to figure out what the Texans’ top needs are, and go acquire a trio to then deal for Hopkins. The reason why Hopkins is on the list is because he is one of the most dynamic players in Madden 20. Even when he is not in the zone DeAndre Hopkins runs incredible routes and catches just about everything.

Hopkins has the “Double Me” ability, which means he becomes unstoppable in single coverage using the aggressive catch. Hopkins also has two star abilities, one that makes him better on corner routes, and one that makes him better at catching in the redzone against single coverage. If you get Hopkins one-on-one, chuck that ball deep knowing Hopkins will come down with it.

TE Zach Ertz – 93 Overall

Zach Ertz is the second highest rated Tight End in the league, and the only player with the “Max Security” ability in the game. The ability was made so that Ertz could be the ultimate security blanket. When in the zone, Ertz has an increased chance of coming down with possession catches. You can throw it into tight windows knowing all you need to do is hit this hands and Ertz will do the rest. Tight Ends are not typically difficult to trade for in Madden, and he will certainly be worth the investment in Madden 20.

RB Melvin Gordon III – 92 Overall

Gordon may be the best trade candidate on this list besides Hopkins. Running backs have always been easy to trade for so Gordon might be the best return on investment. The running backs have some of the best abilities in the game, and I believe Gordon’s X-Factor ability is the best. He is one of five people with the “First One Free” X-Factor ability. What I like about the running backs is that the stars all have superstar abilities that make them special even when they are not in the zone. That said, his zone ability is why you trade for the 26-year-old running back.

First One Free is an ability that makes your first juke unstoppable. This is not like a juke from years past where you need space and to be one-on-one. In fact, you barely even have to make the move. You click the button and direction, but Gordon will make adjustments to best avoid the oncoming tacklers. Whether you juke, spin, or hesitate, all three moves will be lethal when you enter the zone.

WR A.J. Green – 90 Overall

A.J. Green is a value play if you want an X-Factor ability. Green is 30-years-old, meaning he is in the beginning stages of his regression. In this case that is actually a positive because he will be very attainable. Players never lose their X-Factor ability, so even if you play multiple seasons and his overall declines, he will still be able to dominate opposing defensive backs if you can get him in the zone.

A.J. Green is a worthy investment because he has the “Double Me” ability along with Hopkins and some other elite receivers (Julio Jones, Michael Thomas, Juju Smith-Schuster and Adam Thielen). Green would be a perfect fit for a team that could use a spark on offense. If you are on the fringe of contending, A.J. Green could push you over the edge without forfeiting a first-round pick or another star player.

QB Cam Newton – 84 Overall

If you are not a fan of the players in your Quarterback room, Cam Newton is the first player to look at. With the new player motion changes and RPO plays, mobile Quarterbacks will be better than ever. Combine that with his X-Factor ability “Freight Train” and you will have a dynamic rushing threat under center.

Freight Train allows Newton to always break the first tackle when in the zone. What is also nice about his ability is that it is very easy to get in the zone and stay there. To get in the zone all that is needed is three 10+ yard runs. After that you just have to avoid tackles for loss and fumbling. Sacks do not count as a tackle for loss, and since you always break the first tackle attempt, it will be easy to scamper back to the line of scrimmage. Newton is the only player in the game with the Freight Train ability.

Madden 20 trade