Joe Burrow Film Breakdown

Joe Burrow Film

Joe Burrow and the LSU Tigers had a phenomenal story in 2019. They were led by former interim Head Coach Ed Orgeron and an Ohio State transfer in Joe Burrow. In 2018 Burrow threw for 2,894 yards, 16 TDs and 5 INTs. At this point Burrow looked more like a mid-round draft pick that would be a game manager at best. In 2019 LSU decided to switch to a spread offense led by passing game coordinator Joe Brady. Burrow absolutely erupted with the new game plan, throwing for 5,671 yards, 60 TDs and 6 INTs.

This LSU team was almost too good to give Joe Burrow an evaluation. Even on some of the misplaced throws, his receivers would make a spectacular play and make them both look good. You know the quarterback is going to have some fun when Randy Moss’s son is the fourth option in the passing game. That said, Burrow proved he was just as good as anyone else on the football field each week. He also had the best playoff run in college football history after throwing for 956 yards and 12 touchdowns while also adding 79 yards and two touchdowns on the ground. Those stats are from just TWO games.


Burrow showed a consistent ability to place the ball exactly where it needed to be. This reel of some of his best balls in 2019 could have been 10 minutes long. While he did get some help from having two future first-round picks at receiver, he also has plenty of examples of throwing perfect balls. He was adamant about the fact that if the defensive back has his back turned, the receiver is still open, and boy did he stand by his words. While I could see this mentality hurting him at the next level, I fully expect Burrow to make those throws in the right situations. After all, he only threw 11 interceptions in 945 collegiate pass attempts.

Playmaking Ability

The difference between good and great quarterbacks is their playmaking ability. Burrow has the ability to create magic when defensive pressure forces him to make a play. Now Burrow is not Mahomes or Jackson who can seemingly keep any play alive as long as they desire, but he is good enough to have a shot at greatness. Here is Burrow versus a five-man rush that his line did a terrible job of blocking. He made an adjustment and delivered the touchdown pass.

He made a spectacular play against Oklahoma, as well in his eight touchdown performance:


Joe Burrow plays with a chip on his shoulder at all times. He is not the new age quarterback that does not like contact. Burrow is a football player, not just a passer, and Ed Orgeron has said many times that Burrow could be an All-American linebacker. Burrow plays with confidence and toughness which is a great combination for success as an NFL quarterback. You cannot question his competitive fire when watching Joe play football. I expect Burrow to lead a team like Brady and Manning did – willing to say what needs to be said, even if it means screaming at his guys on the sideline to get his offense in the right direction.

Here is an example of Burrow showing off his toughness in a clip of Sick EditzHD’s highlight reel. The first play is Burrow stepping up against an Alabama pass rusher to deliver an accurate pass. My favorite part though is against Auburn. Burrow scrambles for a first down and gets his bell rung. He immediately pops back up and shows absolutely no signs of getting lit up just seconds ago. The next drive Burrow runs the same direction and lowers his shoulder on the same player and gets the first down. Joe Burrow is fearless and will not be “seeing ghosts” at the NFL level.

Wrap Up

Overall, Joe Burrow is one of my favorite college football players that I have ever watched. He completed the trifecta of an undefeated season, Heisman Trophy and National Championship. The most impressive thing I can say about Joe Burrow is that you sometimes forget if you are watching a highlight reel or regular film with Burrow. It is hard to come away from his film with genuine, fair critiques. Sure, sometimes he trusted his receivers too much, but he only threw six interceptions against SIXTY touchdowns in 2019. He is undoubtedly the best option with the first overall pick in my eyes. I can’t wait to see what Burrow will do in NFL.

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