How to Scout in Madden 22 (Tutorial + Guide)

How to Scout in Madden 22

After a month-long delay, the newest scouting system is in place for the future of Madden franchise mode. In this article, I’ll be breaking down how to scout in Madden 22. Phase by phase, you can use this tutorial as a resource throughout your franchise experience.

Before we jump in, here are some frequently asked questions:

Can I use the new scouting system on a franchise mode created before the update?

No, unfortunately, you will need to start a brand new franchise after the October update to use the new scouting system. You would think all you would have to do is start the next season in an existing franchise but that is not the case.

Can I revert to the old scouting system on a new franchise?

No, which is actually a shame in my opinion. I enjoyed learning about the new system but I actually preferred the old scouting system. I was excited for a change because it was desperately needed. However, this new system is less immersive and provides even less information than before. I understand scouting is not an exact science but this new system missed the mark.

Hire and Assign Scouts

During the preseason, you will be asked to set your team of scouts. The scouts are assigned a tiered ranking, to determine ability. Tier three is the highest, and tier one is the lowest.

Each team can have one tier three scout, one tier two scout, and three tier-one scouts.

Each scout has at least one positional expertise. The higher-tiered scouts have two areas of expertise. One thing I really like about the new scouting system is that you can hire former NFL players to be your scouts. The positional expertise aspect of the scouting department forces you to know what you are looking for in the draft a year in advance. If you do not know what you need, just focus on important positions.

For example, Quarterbacks, Offensive Tackles, Defensive Ends, Middle Linebackers, Cornerbacks.

To change scouts, you must fire a current scout and replace them with a scout of the same tier. Free-agent scouts can be found by pressing LT/L2 in the “scouts” tab.

You will then assign scouts to their assignments. There will be one national scout and four regional scouts. Logically, you want your tier three scout to be the national scout.

Regular Season Kickoff

There are no more points in the Madden scouting system. For that reason, there are no more weekly responsibilities during the regular season. However, scouting begins in week one as opposed to week three with the old system.

The new system has a scouting completion percentage of each scout, which increases as the season progresses. For that reason, there is nothing to really evaluate since almost everything is inaccurate at this point in the season.

Regional Focus Scouting

How to Scout in Madden 22

In week two, you will see the tab “Regional Focus Scouting.” You will be prompted to either choose each region’s scouting focus or delegate the responsibilities to your staff. This option allows users to choose how hands-on they want to be.

Should you choose to pick manually, you will see a screen showing each region on the left-hand side. Each region will have positional strengths and weaknesses as well as the top prospects in that area. You will be prompted to choose one position to focus on per region. Ideally, your scouts’ strengths align with the region’s strengths.

Mock Draft One

How to Scout in Madden 22

In week three, the first of five mock drafts is complete. You do not actually partake in the mock draft, it’s purely informational. The idea of the mock draft really adds to the experience. However, the first mock draft does not carry a lot of value.

By this point, the draft order is nothing more than a shot in the dark and nobody has solid information on the prospects. That being said, it is the first time you get to see who the consensus top prospects are in the draft. The order will change throughout the season, but the initial intel is relevant.

Mock Draft Two

After a brief hiatus from scouting, the second mock draft is released in week eight. By this point, there should be some noticeable changes, and mock draft one should be quite different. You’ll have a much better understanding of specific prospects, in the 55% completion range.

Scout Focus Player

In week eleven, you will be given almost the exact same screen as the regional focus page. Once again, you’ll be given the option to scout yourself, or delegate to your staff.

Should you scout manually, you will see the list of prospects. The department asks for three players to scout in-depth. I recommend picking three players projected to go near your first-round pick that you have an interest in.

Mock Draft Three

The first week of the off-season is where scouting really starts to heat up. The draft order is officially set and teams are started to receive accurate intel on the top prospects. You get to see what positions opposing teams consider a need and which players they are bullish on.

Free Agency Period

In free agency phase one, the combine is released. This is the first time you will be able to see the top players’ athletic profiles. At this point, you can start to put together a list of top prospects with fairly accurate information.

Free agency phase two is a busy one. The Pro Day results come in as well as mock draft four (and you still have to sort out free agency). Honestly, the Pro Day is almost completely useless but it is a nice touch.

Mock draft four on the other hand is quite valuable. This is the second to last mock draft before the big day and a lot of the top of the board will fall as seen in mock draft four.

Private Work Outs

During free agency phase three, you will be granted the chance to hold a private workout for three players. If you choose the same players as you did in the scouting focus round, you can reach 100% completion for those players’ prospect profiles.

Mock Draft Five

The final mock draft is released in free agency phase four (the recap). At this point, you will notice that the highly touted first-round picks have been cemented. Mock drafts three, four, and five should all be almost identical at the top of the draft.

You can use the information of the last few mocks to see if teams are super locked in on a specific player. This allows you to jump up and down the draft board as needed. The mock is extremely accurate in round one and should be used as a weapon while drafting.

NFL Draft

The final step is to draft your players. This is the fun part of the scouting process. Enjoy adding heaps of talent to your squad.

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