How to Make Your Madden 20 Franchise Fun

Make madden 20 franchise fun

People are asking how to make Madden 20 Franchise mode fun. There are a lot of ways to improve your experience in Madden 20 so I put together all of my best tips. If performed correctly, you should be able to apply these tips and create a long lasting and fun franchise.

Play With Friends (But Not Too Many)

Playing with friends makes the entire game mode more entertaining. When you have another opponent in the league it raises the stakes in every situation. You have a real opponent to expect in the playoffs, free agency and even the draft. I think the optimal group is somewhere between 2-4 people. Playing with a massive squad makes it very difficult to ensure everyone has played so you can advance. I prefer to play with one or two others and make it an experience by playing the majority of our games at the same time and either joining a party or facetiming. This step is not essential for a fun franchise but it certainly creates a better experience when you have that social aspect.

Picking the Right Team

When you enter the game you need to have intentions. Know your skill level and what kind of experience you are looking for. Also think about deal breakers in this decision. For example, I almost always go for a mobile quarterback because scrambling is one of my favorite things to do in the game.

Are you a beginner that needs a good team to compete?

That is totally fine but you are going to need to pick a contender.

Are you experienced but need some extra challenges to keep it fun?

Great I can help you too. The trick here is to take a bad team with fun players to use.

I already covered this topic in-depth, so check out my article on picking the right franchise team.

Trading for a Franchise Player

Making a big splash in the trade market is not only fun in the moment, but can define your play style. A franchise player does not have to be a current superstar that will cost high draft picks and/or top players. Look for key attributes that you can build around.

Some of my favorites are insanely fast rookie linebackers. Devin Bush, Devin White and even Blake Cashman are great additions. Rookies develop very fast especially if you can send them on some blitzes and get them into the award races. This tip will also be a savior if you are playing a friend that chose a team with a QB like Jackson, Wilson or Murray because you will have a spy that can actually keep up without taking a piece of your secondary out of coverage. My last tip on defensive trades is to acquire Deion Jones and then move him to safety. He has insane coverage skills as a former DB in college and is a tackle machine.

Offensively I focus on the same trait: speed. Go trade a bag of balls for John Ross III and watch him score 30 touchdowns when you inevitably start running four verticals every play. My best offensive tip — go get a big-bodied receiver that can run, and move him to tight end. D.K. Metcalf is a mismatched machine as a tight end. This tip will especially come in handy if you face off against your friends. Another helpful note — Quinton Nelson is WAY too easy to trade for and can improve the offense immensely. Don’t be afraid to move Nelson over to Left Tackle either, he’ll be elite there as well.

Import Real Draft Classes

This is especially helpful for creating a fun, long-term franchise. After week two, Madden allows you to upload a custom draft class for your franchise. That Franchise Guy is adamant about creating perfect player ratings, and his full draft classes are available. His 2020 and 2021 classes should be right towards to the top starting with “TFGREAL2020.”

Bonus Tip: Do not trade all of your picks immediately for impact players. Developing players in season two and beyond is actually more entertaining and better for your team’s ability to succeed long-term. If anything, try to trade veterans in a package for some high draft picks. Trading for picks is way too easy, and developing young talent is a blast.

Setting Specific Rules For Users

This tip is especially key for people that follow step one and play with a friend or two. Every video game has ways it can be manipulated. Setting up rules to keep teams competitive will make for a better experience. Here are some of my favorite rules for online play especially:

Draft Picks

In my franchise we found that without rules we ended up having an extremely unrealistic amount of first-round draft picks. For example, seven of the top 10 draft picks every season. This made it so that every year we had the most talent coming in, and were much more skilled than the CPU opponents. However, we had to keep doing it because if I didn’t trade for the first three picks in the draft, he would. Eventually we made a rule to make the whole game mode more competitive and realistic.

  • Teams can hold three first-round picks total, two of which can be in the top ten.
  • The Trade Deadline for first-round picks is week two in order to make it harder to project the top draft picks.
  • If a player has three picks in the top ten, he must trade out but can receive full compensation.

Mega Franchise Tag

I have been playing franchise with the same group of people since Madden 16. This means that we have to switch to the newest game and leave our previous franchise behind. One thing that has amplified the excitement of starting a new team has been our Franchise Tag rule. This rule only applies if you did not use real draft classes or got to a draft class ahead of the newest game. You can apply this rule by adding created players to the default Madden roster once the commissioner gets his hands on the new game.

  • Each team is allowed to bring back one player from their last franchise with their current attributes.
  • You are allowed to bring them back in their prime.
  • The player cannot be in the new game, as that would create a duplicate.
  • Teams cannot franchise tag the same player twice.

Bonus Tip: Clearing cap penalties before each offseason in the league management tab makes the salary cap much easier to deal with and induces trades.

Madden 20 Franchise should be a fun experience that can be competitive and realistic. Let me know how you are making Madden 20 franchise a fun experience for you by reaching out in the comments.

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