How to Curry Slide in NBA 2K22 (Current+Next Gen)

How to Curry Slide in 2K22

The Curry Slide is a behind-the-back dribble move that Steph Curry uses to create open shots, usually at the three-point line. The maneuver is extremely effective when guarded one on one and has taken the 2K world by storm. The move itself is actually quite easy to execute.

How do you Curry Slide in NBA 2K22?

To Curry Slide in 2K22, you are going to pull down diagonally on the R/R3 trigger, towards the open hand. So, if the ball is in your player’s left hand, pull down diagonally to the right. You also want to set your pro stick function to “default” or “shots.”

To be able to perform the Curry Slide, you’re going to need to get your ball-handling attribute to an 85 or above. Many moves and animations will start out locked and have to be earned as you progress in the game this year. Some animations are only available for players 6’4″ and under, and the Curry Slide is likely one of them.

Here is an example from last years game that is still a great example if you’re struggling to get the motion down:

via JayyTooShifty

When should you use the Curry Slide?

The Curry Slide can be used in a plethora of different ways. The most effective use of the Curry Slide is when you’re being guarded one on one at the three-point line. The goal is to create enough space for an open shot. If you can get an overly aggressive defender to bite at the line, you will have an open three-point shot. The Curry Slide is very effective when combined with a pick. They will be off-balance trying to get through/avoid the pick when you pull the rug from under them and then jack up an uncontested shot.

If you have a decent amount of experience, you can also use the Curry Slide while driving in 2K22. This move requires some experience with the stick but will lead to buckets driving down the lane. Most players just try to barrel their way towards the basket and hope they can find a way to score under the hoop. Adding a layer of finesse will make it much more difficult to square you up and time a block.

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