How The New Coaching Tree Works in Madden 22

Coaching Tree Madden 22

One of Madden players biggest requests for years have been to expand the coaching staff in franchise mode. Luckily for you, the Madden team has finally caved. The addition to the game is called “Franchise Staff” and currently includes the head coach, offensive coordinator, defensive coordinator and a player personnel department. There will also be an overhaul to scouting which then include multiple scouts. That update is scheduled for September. So, how does this new coaching tree work in Madden 22?

Coaches will be automatically assigned to every team when you first start your franchise mode. For some reason it appears that the coordinators are fake, despite having real head coaches. Regardless, you will have the option to fire any part of your coaching staff as you please. You will earn a staff points for hiring a coach, and the amount will directly correlate to how much experience they already have. You will get more points for inexperienced coaches, but not have as many talents out of the gate.

In the offseason, there will be an expanded pool of coaches to hire from. Each year the game will generate more coaches. This will occur during a new week in the offseason called “Staff Moves,” before free agency kicks off. You will have the ability to hire former coordinators as head coaches or move former head coaches down to coordinators. This feature adds a lot more realism to your franchise mode and essentially creates another round of free agency in the coaching ranks. Coaching carousel is finally back!

Staff Points

Staff points are used to upgrade each of your individual coaches. Points can be earned in many ways, and will be the currency of the franchise staff section.

“Staff Points are earned through playing games, meeting selectable gameday goals, and completing scenarios. Completed objectives and milestones will grant Staff Points to a singular pool, which means that you can upgrade any coach character once you have earned enough points.”

– EA, “Gridiron Notes: Madden NFL 22 – Franchise”

Talent Trees

Each coach and the player personnel department will have two “talent trees” that are themed to their character. There are four types of talent trees in Madden 22: Player Growth, Staff Changes/Improvements, On-field Performance, and Player Acquisition/Retention. The coaching tree in Madden 22 will include more than 60 unique talents at launch. The fact that EA noted “at launch” specifically means you can almost guarantee more will be added throughout the season. The developers are shooting for three franchise updates over the course of the twelve month Madden 22 game cycle.

Head coaches will have talents based on growth and development of their players and staff. Coordinators have talents surrounding on-field performance and boosts. The talent trees are very similar to the coaching trees in the old NCAA Football games.

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