Fastest Wide Receivers In Madden 24 To Bolster Any Offense

With EA Sports’ latest edition of one of their most beloved franchises set to release, the official launch ratings for “Madden NFL 24” are out. One of the most important attributes year-over-year is speed, something that every offense needs in spades.

In prior Madden releases the speediest players tend to play the wide receiver position and this year is no different. Whether you’re looking for a speedster to take the top off the defense or someone to beat any defensive back on a drag route, you can do no wrong with any of the players on this list.

Here the fastest wide receivers in Madden 24 franchise mode:

1Tyreek HillDolphins99
2Jaylen WaddleDolphins98
3Jameson WilliamsLions98
4Marquise BrownCardinals97
5Quez WatkinsEagles97
6Anthony SchwartzBrowns96
7Tyquan ThorntonPatriots96
8Mecole HardmanJets96
9Christian WatsonPackers96
10Calvin Austin IIISteelers95
Fastest Receivers in Madden 24

It’s worth noting that several other players also had 95 speed, but Calvin Austin III made the top 10 over others with 95 speed because he has the highest acceleration at 96.

The Miami Dolphins dominate the list this year with Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle taking the top spots. The Dolphins will have plenty of speed on offense this year with two of the fastest running backs in the game as well. If you’re looking for speed on offense, the Dolphins might be the team for you.

Detroit Lions’ Jameson Williams makes the list for the second straight year with an impressive 98 speed. In addition to his impressive speed rating, Williams boasts 95 acceleration and 80 deep route running. Williams will be one of the best deep threats in the game this year with those ratings.

Second-year receiver Tyquan Thornton is another exciting deep threat on the list this year. If you’re looking to add speed to your franchise team, Thornton is a great trade target. At only 70 overall, you won’t have to give up much to get him and you’ll have an opportunity to develop him.

Christian Watson is another attractive trade target for those looking to add a speedy young receiver to their team. Watson makes the list this year with 96 speed and 81 deep route running. Like Williams, defenses will have a tough time staying in front of this second-year speedster.

If you find yourself playing with the New York Jets this year, you’ll enjoy playing with the combo of Mecole Hardman and Aaron Rodgers. Hardman has the speed to get past any defense back and Rodgers has the accuracy to get to him anywhere on the field.

With the full list of official Madden 24 ratings released, there will be plenty more content to come.