Fastest Running Backs in Madden 24 To Bolster Any Offense

Indianapolis Colts running back Jonathan Taylor

With EA Sports’ latest edition of one of their most beloved franchises set to release, the official launch ratings for “Madden NFL 24” are out. One of the most important attributes year-over-year is speed, something that every offense needs in spades.

While most of the elite speedsters are out wide, it’s quite beneficial to have players in the backfield who can take it to the house from any spot on the field if given a lane.

Here are the fastest running backs in Madden 24 franchise mode:

1Raheem MostertDolphins95
2De’Von AchaneDolphins95
3Jahmyr GibbsLions94
4Kene NwangwuVikings94
5Kenneth Walker IIISeahawks94
6Jonathan TaylorColts94
7Travis Etienne JrJaguars93
8Keaton MitchellRavens93
9Matt BreidaGiants93
10Breece HallJets93

The Miami Dolphins are once again well represented in a fastest players list something they’ve come accustomed to under Mike McDaniel’s regime. Raheem Mostert and rookie addition De’Von Achane top this year’s list with 95 speed. In addition to having the two fastest running backs in Madden 24, the Dolphins have the two fastest overall players in Jaylen Waddle and Tyreek Hill. Mostert and Achane should fit in nicely with the Dolphins’ speedy attack.

There are three new names on the fastest running backs list this year with rookies Achane, Jahmyr Gibbs, and Keaton Mitchell making the cut as well as a few familiar names. Mostert, Kene Nwangwu, Kenneth Walker III, Jonathan Taylor, Travis Etienne Jr, and Matt Breida all made the list of fastest running backs last year.

Detroit Lions’ Gibbs appears to be the best speedster to develop in Madden 24 franchise mode. He will have his rookie status along with a respectable 77 overall rating and a 5-foot-9, 201-pound frame. Gibbs ran a blazing fast 4.36 40-yard dash at this year’s combine.

Indianapolis Colts’ Taylor (89 overall) and Seattle Seahawks’ Walker III (87 overall) are going to be the hardest to obtain on the list but are true superstar three-down backs.

There are many ways to take advantage of a blazing-fast back, and it would be wise to acquire at least one of the players on this list to add some elite athleticism to your offense. While it’s obvious that speed helps in the run game, these players can also be used as third-down backs, slot receivers and dominate in the return game.

With the full list of official Madden 24 ratings released, there will be plenty more content to come.