Fastest Running Backs in Madden 22

Fastest Running Backs in Madden 22
(AP Photo/Tony Avelar)

The fastest running backs in Madden 22 are honestly a little surprising. There are only a few running backs that can outrun the rest of the pack. There is a large group of players in the 92-93 speed range. If you are looking for a true speedster there are only a few options.

Here are the fastest running backs in Madden 22.

  1. SF Raheem Mostert – 97
  2. MIN Kene Nwangwu – 94
  3. BUF Matt Breida – 94
  4. DAL Tony Pollard – 93
  5. IND Nyheim Hines – 93
  6. IND Jonathan Taylor – 93
  7. HOU Philip Lindsay – 93

There are fourteen running backs with 92 speed, so I cut this list a little short. Raheem Mostert is the only player that made the list of Fastest Players in Madden 22. Mostert certainly has the edge over the rest of the running backs in Madden 22. He is by far the fastest running back in the game and at 86 overall can carry the load for your team.

Kene Nwangu is an interesting option to develop in franchise mode. He is only a 69 overall but with 94 speed and 95 acceleration, he can become a real asset to a dynamic offense. Imagine trading someone with that type of speed to the Chiefs and adding him into the passing game? He is not going to come in and immediately become a three-down back, but he could work his way into a rotation and find a role.

Jonathan Taylor may be the most exciting player on the list. Taylor is 83 overall at only 22-years-old. The second year half back has 93 speed, 92 acceleration and 88 trucking. He is a true three-down back that can do a little bit of everything. He will be effective in week one and has the potential to become an elite offensive weapon in no time.

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