Fastest Quarterbacks In Madden 24 To Carry Your Franchise

Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson

With EA Sports’ latest edition of one of their most beloved franchises set to release, the official launch ratings for “Madden NFL 24” are out. One of the most important attributes year-over-year is speed, something that every offense needs in spades.

A fast quarterback is fun to play with and a nightmare to play against. We’ve seen speed become a more common trait among the best quarterbacks in Madden and this year is no different. If you prefer a quarterback who can scramble and make plays on his feet, this year’s list should excite you.

Here are the fastest quarterbacks in Madden 24 franchise mode:

1Lamar JacksonRavens96
2Justin FieldsBears93
3Kyler MurrayCardinals92
4Anthony RichardsonColts91
5Malik WillisTitans90
6Jalen HurtsEagles89
7Daniel JonesGiants88
8Desmond RidderFalcons88
9Josh AllenBills88
10Malik CunninghamPatriots88
Fastest Quarterbacks in Madden 24

Madden was generous this year when giving out speed ratings to quarterbacks this year. 11 quarterbacks had speed ratings of 88 or higher (Max Duggan was left off the list).

There are three elite quarterbacks on the list this year that immediately stand out: Lamar Jackson, Jalen Hurts, and Josh Allen. Jackson has been frustrating to play against for a few years now and this year will be no different. A 91 overall quarterback with 96 speed might need two linebackers to spy him. Jackson also comes with 96 acceleration so you’ll have no trouble escaping any pressure.

The game’s third highest-rated quarterback, Josh Allen, was given an exciting 88 speed this year. Not only will he be able to make nearly any throw you can think of but he can also make plays with his legs. Allen also has a 96-throw on-the-run rating this year so don’t expect to spend much time in the pocket with him.

There are also two rookies on the list this year, Anthony Richardson and Malik Cunningham. Fourth-overall pick Richardson makes the list with 91 speed this year. Richardson could be a great rookie to develop in Madden 24 franchise mode. His throwing attributes may not be great early on, but he’ll be fun outside of the pocket. Cunningham may never be a QB1, but there are opportunities to his him in other ways. He’ll make a great substitute quarterback in situations where you can use some speed.

If you’re looking for speedy running backs or receivers to pair with these quarterbacks, be sure to check out our other lists!