Fastest Quarterbacks in Madden 22

Fastest Quarterbacks in Madden 22

One of the most fun ways to spice up your Madden 22 experience is by starting a mobile quarterback. Not only is it fun, but it adds another point of emphasis for the opposing defense. Mobile quarterbacks can gash defenses until challenged with a spy. Then you are playing true 11 vs 11 man football.

Here are the fastest quarterbacks in Madden 22, ranked by speed.

  1. BAL Lamar Jackson – 96
  2. ARI Kyler Murray – 91
  3. CHI Justin Fields – 90
  4. NO Taysom Hill – 90
  5. ARI Chris Streveler – 89
  6. LV Marcus Mariota – 88
  7. NYG Daniel Jones – 88
  8. SF Trey Lance – 87
  9. PHI Jalen Hurts – 87
  10. BAL Trace McSorley – 87

It’s worth noting that if this list were to only include starters, Josh Allen (86), Deshaun Watson (85), Russell Wilson (84), Justin Herbert (84), Ryan Tannehill (84), and Trevor Lawrence (84) would’ve made the list.

There are a lot of dynamic players on this list, but nobody stands out like Lamar Jackson. The Ravens signal caller is by far the fastest quarterback in Madden 22. He has 96 speed and 96 acceleration with a 91 overall rating. Jackson is one of the most intimidating players to face in Madden 22.

Kyler is another player that deserves some recognition, and seemingly continually gets underrated by the Madden team. Despite having another fantastic season in Arizona, Madden has given Kyler Murray an 82 overall rating. He was given 91 speed and 94 acceleration, but his overall ranking seems far to low. Still, Murray has been and will continue to be one of the best players to develop in franchise mode.

Two rookies made the list and are equally exciting prospects. Justin Fields and Trey Lance are two phenomenal options to build around in franchise mode. Both players could become stars with some decent development. They also both have the offensive weapons to make their transitions into the NFL an easy one. Jalen Hurts is another candidate to develop into an elite dual-threat quarterback. This years list of the fastest quarterbacks in Madden 22 is filled with young talent to develop, perfect for franchise mode.

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