Fastest Players in MLB The Show 20

fastest players in mlb the show 20

When ratings are first released, speed is one of the first ratings players are going to check. Having fast players can help create offense, and massively improve a team’s range on defense. Here are the 10 fastest players in MLB The Show 20.

Tim Locastro – 99 – Arizona Diamondbacks

Tim Locastro is a utility player that has struggled to make a name for himself at the MLB level. He is a career .246 hitter with only one home run in 244 at-bats. What he does bring to the table is speed and versatility. Locastro has not only 99 speed but 99 stealing as well. He can play 2B, SS, and all three OF positions. The 27-year-old contact hitter is a perfect option as a pinch runner/utility man. Tim Locastro is a 73 overall, and the fastest player in MLB The Show 20.

Trea Turner – 98 – Washington Nationals

Turner is by far the best player on this list. He is listed as an 85 overall and will fit into any lineup. He brings 98 speed and 92 stealing to the table, as well as versatility. Turner is a natural shortstop, but has plenty of experience in center field. He also can play third base, but is certainly not a prototypical corner infielder. Trea is 26-years-old with solid attributes across the board. Turner should be put at the top of the order and will contend for the league lead in steals.

Magneuris Sierra – 98 – Miami Marlins

Sierra is another example of one of the fastest players in MLB The Show 20 that you likely have never heard of. At only 23-years-old, Sierra is a young speedster with a 83 potential. Sierra is only a 61 overall, but jumps up to a 65 overall when given a spot on an MLB roster. His attributes are fairly low across the board, but he has the highest chance to develop out of anyone on the list. Magneuris Sierra can play all three outfield positions, and is listed as a center fielder. His range on defense will make opposing hitters have to work a lot harder to get extra-base hits.

Byron Buxton – 97 – Minnesota Twins

Buxton was the top prospect in baseball for a few seasons before solidifying himself at the MLB level. The 26-year-old has extremely high potential making a trade for Buxton not worth the price tag. He is an 84 overall at 26-years-old with elite abilities. His hitting numbers are not where you would like them to be. However, Buxton is one of the best defensive players in baseball. He is a center fielder with 94 fielding and 92 arm strength. He has 97 speed and 79 stealing. Overall, Buxton can be a menace on the diamond when his speed is utilized.

Garrett Hampson – 96 – Colorado Rockies

Hampson is another example of a great utility man to get out and add to your roster. He is a 25-year-old with 90 potential. Hampson is a second baseman that can also play shortstop and outfield. Garrett is a 74 overall with 96 and 28 stealing. His stealing is definitely not what you want out of a speedster, but he is so fast that the first step does not even matter. His hitting is good enough to produce, and his defense is above average. Hampson is one of the fastest players in MLB The Show 20, and one of my favorite utility players.

Roman Quinn – 96 – Philadelphia Phillies

Quinn is a 70 overall with 96 speed and 30 stealing. He is only 26-years-old and has 81 speed. A team that lacks speed in the outfield could benefit from Quinn’s presence. His attributes are almost identical to Garrett Hampson, though he lacks the versatility.

Myles Straw – 95 – Houston Astros

Straw is a 25-year-old Astros prospect. Myles has 95 speed and is a very good defender. His versatility would make Straw a cheap trade target to fill out a roster. At 71 overall, Straw can play all three outfield positions. He can also play second base and shortstop.

Adam Engel – 95 – Chicago White Sox

Engel is a super cheap option if all you need is a pinch runner. At 28-years-old, Engel is a 69 overall with 95 speed. He is a center fielder that excels on defense. He is a below average hitter and a little too old to develop. Engel would be best used as a depth player that can steal a base every once and a while. He can also come in to give rest to the starters and likely add value to the defense when he does so.

Adalberto Mondesi – 94 – Kansas City Royals

Mondesi is one of the few legit starters on this list of the fastest players in MLB The Show 20. Adalberto Mondesi is an 85 overall at only 24-years old. He is a very good shortstop and can also play second and third base. He is a good enough hitter to lead off and has good attributes all around. His 94 speed and 99 stealing make him a truly elite base runner. Modesi is right up there with Turner as the best player on this list.

Jasson Dominguez – 94 – New York Yankees

Dominguez brings a very unique element to this list. He is the youngest player in the game at only 17-years-old. He is a 72 overall already, meaning he could be a serviceable MLB-caliber player right away. He has 94 speed and 40 stealing. With 99 potential, Dominguez will have a chance to be a game-changing player in franchise mode. He will be fairly difficult to pry away from the Yankees, but he is worth the trade equity. Dominguez is arguably the best prospect in the game.

Wrap Up

One thing to keep in mind — every franchise mode will generate a random list of free agents and low level prospects. That means you might find a few fake players that are just as fast as the players on this list. Always check free agency before making a trade for a speedster. If you liked this article, check out some of my others on MLB The Show 20.

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