Fantasy Football: Edwards’ Positional Rankings 1.0


  • 1. Deshaun Watson, HOU

  • 2. Patrick Mahomes, KC

  • 3. Baker Mayfield, CLE

  • 4. Andrew Luck, IND

  • 5. Aaron Rodgers, GB

  • 6. Matt Ryan, ATL

  • 7. Russell Wilson, SEA

  • 8. Drew Brees, NO

  • 9. Kyler Murray, ARI

  • 10. Cam Newton, CAR

  • 11. Carson Wentz, PHI

  • 12. Lamar Jackson, BAL

  • 13. Jared Goff, LAR

  • 14. Jameis Winston, TB

  • 15. Mitch Trubisky, CHI

  • 16. Tom Brady, NE

  • 17. Philip Rivers, LAC

  • 18. Dak Prescott, DAL

  • 19. Kirk Cousins, MIN

  • 20. Josh Allen, BUF

  • 21. Ben Roesthlisberger, PIT

  • 22. Jimmy Garoppolo, SF

  • 23. Derek Carr, OAK

  • 24. Matthew Stafford, DET

  • 25. Sam Darnold, NYJ


  • 1. Ezekiel Elliott, DAL

  • 2. Christian McCaffrey, CAR

  • 3. Saquon Barkley, NYG

  • 4. Alvin Kamara, NO

  • 5. Melvin Gordon, LAC

  • 6. David Johnson, ARI

  • 7. Le'Veon Bell, NYJ

  • 8. Joe Mixon, CIN

  • 9. James Conner, PIT

  • 10. Todd Gurley II, LAR

  • 11. Dalvin Cook, MIN

  • 12. Damien Williams, KC

  • 13. Nick Chubb, CLE

  • 14. Aaron Jones, GB

  • 15. Devonta Freeman, ATL

  • 16. Leonard Fournette, JAX

  • 17. Kerryon Johnson, DET

  • 18. Josh Jacobs, OAK

  • 19. Marlon Mack, IND

  • 20. David Montgomery, CHI

  • 21. Derrick Henry, TEN

  • 22. Sony Michel, NE

  • 23. Kenyan Drake, MIA

  • 24. Phillip Lindsay, DEN

  • 25. Mark Ingram, BAL

Wide Reciever

  • 1. DeAndre Hopkins, HOU

  • 2. Davante Adams, GB

  • 3. Julio Jones, ATL

  • 4. Michael Thomas, NO

  • 5. JuJu Smith-Schuster, PIT

  • 6. Odell Beckham Jr, CLE

  • 7. Keenan Allen, LAC

  • 8. Mike Evans, TB

  • 9. Antonio Brown, OAK

  • 10. Amari Cooper, DAL

  • 11. Julian Edelman, NE

  • 12. Adam Thielen, MIN

  • 13. Stefon Diggs, MIN

  • 14. TY Hilton, IND

  • 15. Robert Woods, LAR

  • 16. Tyreek Hill, KC

  • 17. AJ Green, CIN

  • 18. Brandin Cooks, LAR

  • 19. Kenny Golladay, DET

  • 20. Cooper Kupp, LAR

  • 21. Chris Godwin, TB

  • 22. Tyler Boyd, CIN

  • 23. Sammy Watkins, KC

  • 24. Tyler Lockett, SEA

  • 25. Alshon Jeffery, PHI

Tight End

  • 1. Travis Kelce, KC

  • 2. Zach Ertz, PHI

  • 3. George Kittle, SF

  • 4. Eric Ebron, IND

  • 5. Evan Engram, NYG

  • 6. Hunter Henry, LAC

  • 7. OJ Howard, TB

  • 8. Jared Cook, NO

  • 9. Delanie Walker, TEN

  • 10. Vance McDonald, PIT

  • 11. David Njoku, CLE

  • 12. Greg Olsen, CAR

  • 13. Trey Burton, CHI

  • 14. Austin Hooper, ATL

  • 15. Jimmy Graham, GB

  • 16. Jordan Reed, WAS

  • 17. Chris Herndon IV, NYJ

  • 18. Mark Andrews, BAL

  • 19. Jack Doyle, IND

  • 20. Jason Witten, DAL

  • 21. Kyle Rudolph, MIN

  • 22. TJ Hockenson, DET

  • 23. Noah Fant, DEN

  • 24. Dallas Goedert, PHI

  • 25. Tyler Eifert, CIN


When it comes to QBs in Fantasy Football 2019, there is rarely a time you could do any wrong. The placement of where they are taken in the draft is really what it comes down to. Do you want to spend a Third-Round selection on Patrick Mahomes as his ADP is currently circling around that spot, or would you rather wait and get someone like a Kyler Murray or Cam Newton in round 10 or after? It really comes down to preference. Now to start off, Patrick Mahomes will 100% be the first QB taken come draft day in every  re-draft league possible. That is just a fact.

However, the reason he has fallen to number two in my QB Rankings is quite simple. One, the Tyreek Hill situation. Two, Deshaun Watson. Now, the Tyreek Hill situation is a strange one. First, their have been rumors of it being no less than four games this season, which is bogus but hey it’s the NFL. Despite those rumors, if he misses any more time than that, Patrick Mahomes’ value will feel it. And when I bring up Deshaun Watson, he has all the tools to be the top QB this season and almost a guarantee for Top 3 at his lowest of values. A completely healthy Watson to go along with the newly rebuild offensive line of the Texans can only do wonders for the Clemson product, which ranks him at number one on my list.

When it comes to the rest of the board, it comes down to preference really. Baker Mayfield has the most upside possibly on the entire list with the incredible weapons he has in his offense. Kyler Murray at nine may scare people, but he has all the tools to be a Fantasy league winner at the QB position. Some names that have really took a hit down the list include the likes of Tom Brady and Ben Roesthlisberger. For TB12, it really is not his fault for his slide. He is still going to be the guy that goes out and performs at the absolute highest level. But a year ago, he finished as the QB14. Many may not have actually realized that, but its true. With the league having its most talent at the QB position ever, there are simply just better choices to choose from at that spot over the GOAT. 

When it comes to Roesthlisberger, it may be even easier to see his dramatic fall. He shockingly finished as the QB3 last year, but not so shockingly had two Pro Bowl receivers at his disposal. One year later, that is gone. Antonio Brown has moved on to Oakland leaving Roethlisberger without his number one target in his entire career. In no way is this saying he is done by any stretch, but their are 20 better options over him when it comes to Fantasy this year.


The most important position in Fantasy Football has showed to be the RB position for years now. That trend will now continue to roll into this year as the position may be the most rich spot in years. At the top of the first round, their is not a wrong choice. Whether you prefer Saquon Barkley, Ezekiel Elliott, Christian McCaffrey, or even Alvin Kamara, you won’t be considered wrong.

The reasoing for the placement of Ezekiel Elliott at the one spot is quite simple. Many Fantasy Football analysts have Saquon as the end all be all at the one spot due to the amount of touches he is more than likely going to see as a part of the pitiful New York Giants. And while that is nice and all, Zeke is exactly what people expect of Saquon in a far better situation. A star receiver for the defense to worry about, a QB capable of making the defense not pack the box, and a far better offensive line. Saquon is still a top talent and almost a guarantee to be a Top 5 back, but Zeke should be the number one selection.

As far as it goes in the Top 25 RBs as a whole, there may not be better talent in the history of the NFL at the position. It feels like every team this year has a top back who can handle the load. Guys like Devonta Freeman and Leonard Fournette are big time names that would be incredible RB2’s on any team. If you do not get a top 5 pick, you will still have the opportunity to get a great talent who could be that good. 

Wide Reciever

The WRs of the NFL today are crazy good. So good they their are 10 separate talents that could be the number one WR in Fantasy Football come seasons end. When it comes to WR, it is more about what their floor is rather than their ceiling. The definition of “boom or bust” comes from the wide receiver position. Going into this year, there is real debate on which WR should go first and which ones should make it into the first round. When it comes to the coveted number one spot, much of the conversation is between Texans WR DeAndre Hopkins and Packers WR Davante Adams. The past two seasons, Hopkins has finished as the number two receiver in 2017 and the number one in 2018. With that being said, he ranks as the number one coming into this season. 115 receptions and 1,572 yards with 11 TDs is truly remarkable for Nuk. The reason for going Adams as the top receiver is fair as well. Adams caught 111 balls last year from Aaron Rodgers with 1,386 yards and 13 TDs to go with it. The scare part? Rodgers says he needs more targets. Take either with confidence in the first round of your Fantasy Football draft.

JuJu Smith-Schuster is one of the most interesting going into this year because of the pure talent he has and this being his first shot at being a WR1 for the Steelers and your team. Tyreek Hill is the biggest question mark in my rankings to say the least. If he is only given a four game suspension, taking him as the 16th receiver would certainly be worth it. He finished as the WR3 last season which means he is worth the price. But if suspended for any more than that, he will instantly fall outside the top 25. If you are one to go RB heavy early on, their will be fine options for you in the 3rd and 4th rounds of your draft with names like Brandin Cooks and Cooper Kupp.

Tight End

No one loves the Tight End position when it comes to Fantasy Football. Mostly due to the fact that the options are usually rather light after the Top 5 or so. This year however offer plenty of fun stories at the TE position that could lead to the most rich year for the Tight End in Fantasy. Travis Kelce, Zach Ertz, and George Kittle are the bona fide Elite of the TE position going into this season. After that, it becomes a real question mark of who is the next best choice. 

Based off of last season, Eric Ebron gets the TE4 spot due to how well he was used in the Red Zone and the trust he developed with Andrew Luck. Ebron finished as the TE4 a year ago when he scored 13 TDs and has a real possibility to repeat. He was substantially better than the next best at the position which gives him the edge. Evan Engram has a lot of excitement centered around him and for good reason. He has a legit chance to become the top option on the Giants and catch 100 balls. 

If you miss out on the top 5, you can take a chance on options like Delanie Walker and Greg Olsen who are looking to prove they still have some left in the tank. Hopefully this was a good start for everyone to get their heads turning as Fantasy Football drafts begin to approach.