Everything you need to know about NBA Free Agency so far

AD, Lebron, Kawhi

Kevin Durant – Brooklyn Nets | four-year, $164M deal

Kevin Durant was acquired as the centerpiece of a massive haul for the Brooklyn Nets. Durant was part of a sign-and-trade that sent D’Angelo Russell to the Warriors, Treveon Graham and Shabazz Napier to the Timberwolves, and a protected first-round pick to Brooklyn. KD will anchor the new look Nets with a big three that now includes Kyrie Irving and DeAndre Jordan. Of course, we won’t be seeing this trio together for some time as Durant will be spending most if not all of next season rehabbing his Achilles injury.

Kawhi Leonard – Not Signed

Leonard is biggest chip still on the board. Will he join LeBron and AD to create the most powerful big three of all-time? Or will he return to Toronto in an effort to get a statue built outside Scotiabank Arena? I will defer to Wojnarowski, who says this is a three team race between the Lakers, Raptors, and Clippers. Now if he wants to win, the decision is simple and it involves some gold and purple. With the latest shake up around the league, the Raptors even with Leonard do not have much of a chance to compete. The Clippers have very little appeal except for the location which would lead me to believe he will be a Laker when this is all said and done. Also Danny Green is likely to follow Green should he land on a contender, so he too may be headed to LA.

Kyrie Irving – Brooklyn Nets | four-year, $141M deal

After guaranteeing that he would re-sign with the Celtics back in October, Kyrie is on his way to Brooklyn. While majority of Celtics fans are welcoming the change, that doesn’t mean that Nets fans shouldn’t be excited. While Irving is a pain in the ass sometimes, he is also an elite talent, and with Durant in the fold, he can be the number two guy he was built to be.

Kemba Walker – Boston Celtics | four-year, $141M deal

After all the turmoil the Celtics endured last season, Kemba Walker is a welcomed addition to this young core that already includes Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown. Kemba was part of a sign-and-trade that sent Terry Rozier to Charlotte. This was a simple transaction compared to those lower on the list (Jimmy Butler). Overall this move gives the Celtics a fresh start with a talented group that now features Kemba and Kanter. As for the Hornets, they got a talented Rozier with a lot of potential.

Klay Thompson – Golden State Warriors | four-year, $190M Deal

Not a whole lot to say here. Thompson will be looking to re-join the new look Warriors as soon as possible. With Klay’s ACL tear in Game Six of the NBA Finals, we may be waiting a while for Curry, Thompson, Russell combo. If Golden State can retain Green and acquire a big man, they could become serious contenders once again in the 2020-2021 season.

Kristaps Porzingis – Dallas Mavericks | five-year, $158M deal

Porzingis signed a max contract with the Mavericks. He will be attached to a core that includes fellow European star Luka Doncic. Seth Curry has also signed with Dallas on a four-year, 32M deal.

Jimmy Butler – Miami Heat | four-year, $142M deal

Butler is the centerpiece of a four team sign-and-trade, Butler will get $141M to go to the Heat. Miami will send a 2023 1st Round Pick to the Clippers. They will move Hassan Whiteside to the Trailblazers and Josh Richardson to the 76ers. Philadelphia traded Mathias Lessort to the Clippers. Maurice Harkless will be move from Portland to the Clippers, and finally Portland traded Meyers Leonard to Miami. That is why NBA Free Agency is so confusing. Here is a chart:

Heat ReceivesClippers ReceiveTrailblazers Receive76ers Receive
Jimmy Butler
Meyers Leonard

2023 1st Rounder
Mathias Lessort
Maurice Harkless
Hassan Whiteside

Josh Richardson

The biggest story line here is that the Portland Trailblazers are serious contenders. Damian Lillard, C.J. McCollum, Nassir Little, Jusuf Nurkic, and Hassan Whiteside will make up an elite starting five.

D’Angelo Russell – Golden State Warriors | four-year, $117M deal

This is one of my favorite moves of the off-season. While it was boring to see the Warriors in the Finals every year, it would still like to see Steph and Klay have a shot in the postseason. Adding Russell to the Splash Brothers will create some entertaining basketball.

Tobias Harris – Philadelphia 76ers | five-year, $180M deal

Harris earned a massive contract that will set the 76ers up nicely. Woj reported that a five-year max deal is in the works for Ben Simmons. They also went out and got Al Horford from their rival Celtics on a four-year, $109M deal. With the addition of Josh Richardson in the four team trade, this team is rounding out nicely.

Khris Middleton – Milwaukee Bucks – five-year, $178M Deal

The Bucks have been quietly making moves, mostly staying in house. Milwaukee ensured that Middleton was not going anywhere as he was a key piece of the Giannis led Bucks last season. They also worked out a deal to keep Brook Lopez in town (four-year, $52M), and cleared out space with the move of Malcolm Brogdon. The sign-and-trade to the Pacers allowed the Bucks to pick up a first round pick and two future second rounders. The Bucks also went out and got Robins Lopez and Wesley Mathews.

Other Notables:

Demarcus Cousins – Not Signed | Woj: “There is not a market for him”

Julius Randle – New York Knicks | three-year, $63M deal

JJ Redick – New Orleans Pelicans | two-year, $26.5M deal

Derrick Rose – Detroit Pistons | two-year, $15M deal

Kelly Oubre Jr. (23) and Jabari Parker (24) | Not Signed