Dak Prescott is seeking $40M per year — which is hilarious

Dak Prescott

The Cowboys have a lot of contracts to sort out this season. Ezekiel Elliott’s holdout has been front-page news in the NFL landscape for weeks. Also, Amari Cooper’s asking price is reportedly “shockingly high.” In the midst of these negotiations are contract talks for Dak Prescott — their franchise Quarterback.

Dak Prescott just took all the headlines by asking for $40M annually. Now in all likelyhood that number was tossed out there in negotiations and was not a demand. He will probably agree to a contract between 32-36M, because with Quarterbacks it really is about timing.

Russell Wilson has the largest contract in the NFL: $140M, four-year contract. That breaks down to $35M per year. The only person that should have the audacity to ask for a 40M annual contract is Patrick Mahomes. Now in a few years I’m sure that number will not be too wild as the game continues to increase the salary cap. But in 2019, Dak Prescott is not close to a $40M a year player.

Prescott has already turned down a $30M per year contract, which is what I believe he is worth. Dak really set himself up to be dragged today, but he has actually been a very solid Quarterback throughout his three seasons as the Cowboys signal caller. People are commenting that he is only good because of Elliott, but that is not really his fault. Any Quarterback is going to be enhanced by a lethal run game. Dak is forced to take a step back and become a game manager for the most part. He has led the team to a 32-16 record and made plays when he needs to. Prescott is reliable, in fact he has yet to miss a game. Tony Romo was beloved in Dallas and he rarely stayed on the field for a full season.

In his three seasons in the NFL Prescott averages 3,625 yards, 22 TDs and 8 INTs. He also has exactly 6 rushing touchdowns every season. Given the fact that Elliott is going to carry the ball roughly 300 times a season, those stats are just what the Cowboys need. I believe Elliott should be the Cowboys priority but I would not blame Jerry Jones for giving Dak Prescott $30M a year.

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