Christian Vazquez should be an All-Star

Christian Vasquez

There has been a lot of talk about Xander Bogaerts and Rafael Devers being robbed of All-Star bids, and both are more than warranted. Bogaerts may be the most underrated player in recent memory, as he has gotten snubbed seemingly every year. He signed a team friendly contract extension to stay in Boston, and we repay him by voting for Carlos Correa, who hasn’t been half the player Bogey has this season.

Christian Vazquez however, based on positional scarcity, should have been an absolute lock for a reserve catcher spot on the American League All-Star Game roster. Gary Sanchez and James McCann deserve to be in Cleveland on July 9th (Who would’ve thought that being sent to Cleveland would be a reward). However, Robinson Chirinos making the All-Star game is a complete joke.

The Astros starting catcher is coming into July with a .236 batting average, 12 HRs, and an .848 OPS. His power numbers as a catcher are good enough to push him into the All-Star game, but his average is absolutely deplorable.

Christian Vazquez is hitting .289, with 11 HRs and an .808 OPS. He is also an elite defender with an absolute cannon of an arm. He has been getting plenty of extra outs for the Red Sox by catching base runners off guard all season. One thing that will be understated is how clutch Vazquez has been in 2019. His ability to get timely hits all season has not been given enough attention in Boston. Vazquez has displayed the ability to put the ball in play consistently. He also has been much better at driving the ball, showing off far more power than in years past.

Many have stated the case for Bogey and Devers to make the American League All-Star team, so I just thought I should give Vazquez some much deserved recognition. Boston is a large city that has consistently let down their All-Star caliber players by not voting them into this yearly showcase. While it might seem like a silly game to some, this game means a lot to the players on the field, as they have been dreaming of being an All-Star their entire lives. Red Sox fans need to step up their game next season, by showing these players some appreciation.