Patrick Mahomes has become the Steph Curry of the NFL

Patrick Mahomes is the NFL’s version of Steph Curry. To say that Steph Curry has changed the game of basketball would be an understatement. He is, without a shadow of doubt, the greatest three-point shooter of all time at the age of 30. He has smashed records, won MVP (twice), and continues to win championships. Whether you hate the Warriors or not, Steph Curry is the reason the NBA is where they are now. If you look at the numbers the NBA releases at the end of the year every season, the NBA continues to grow, and it’s been so popular with Steph Curry on top. Curry’s ability to hit shots from half court and win games with the most ridiculous shots brings fans to seats. Having the ability to hit the three ball from anywhere at any time is what the fans want to see. And now, the NFL is getting their version of Steph Curry, which is huge for the league.

I get it, people have talked up Mahomes all season. But his talent is league changing. The ability to make any throw in any way is unbelievable. The high-powered offense that he has been entered into makes his abilities soar. Yes, Aaron Rodgers can make all the throws, but there’s just something about Mahomes that makes it more special. The power in his arm matches the likes of the original gunslinger, Brett Farve. The way he is able to move and throw on the run is game-changing. The swagger that Mahomes has, the ability to be apart of such a high-powered offense that can legitimately score on every single play is what makes him great. Fast paced action is what attracts fans. The ability to score at will is what sets Mahomes and Curry apart from the pact in their respective sports.

This man is something else

Mahomes numbers last season broke just about every Chiefs record in the book on his way to winning an MVP in his first full season as a starter. 5,097 passing yards was 2nd behind Roethlisberger, and 50 TDs lead the entire NFL. The kid is special, he is bringing more and more eyes to the game. This is important as the ratings for the NFL had been dropping the past few seasons. The NFL should take this opportunity to grow the game. Instead of putting the Cowboys in prime-time 70 times every season, maybe you continue to get the most electric player they’ve seen in years. Deep bombs, missile darts down the field, and the ability to use different arm angles to deliver a beautiful throw. It’s exactly what the NFL has needed.

The amount of buzz the Rams/Chiefs game had was a lot to do with Mahomes. And do you remember the buzzer beater Steph Curry hit against the Thunder in a prime-time game in February of 2016? Well if you don’t, here is a reminder.


It was a perfect scenario for such a big-time game. In the Rams game you were just waiting, somehow, someway how can Mahomes pull off a wild throw to win the game. And while it failed to happen, it made the game that more exciting. The possibility of Mahomes leading them down the field was enough to make that game even more exciting somehow.

A cannon, some swagger, and a bright future makes Mahomes exactly what the NFL has been looking for, changing the sport, just like Steph Curry did for the NBA.