Dallas Keuchel wants to be a Yankee

It is no secret that the New York Yankees are interested in strengthening their rotation this offseason. There were rumors that the Yankees were in talks with Keuchel, which he was asked about on the Fox Business Network. Keuchel essentially made his pitch to Cashman, "The lure of the city would be really cool. I... Continue Reading →

Bryce Harper Free Agency Prediction 2.0

              The Chicago Cubs seemed primed to land the superstar outfielder who grew up with Kris Bryant and has dreamed of the two teaming up since little league. Unfortunately, that reunion now seems unlikely with Cole Hamels $20 million option being exercised by the Cubs. The real crime here is that the contracts preventing... Continue Reading →

Around the Diamond Ep 12: Game 163

Around the Diamond Ep 12: Game 163 Around the Diamond presented by WTF Sports is back for year two. Scott and Scott cover Games 163 as well as the entire playoff picture. They talk about the Patriots getting back on track and discuss the most eventful events in Week Four of the NFL season. They... Continue Reading →

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