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Best Three-Point Shooters in NBA2K22

The Best Three-Point Shooters in NBA 2K22

Three-point shooting is one of the key attributes that majority of users are going to look at first when evaluating a player (especially when targeting

Patriots 2022 Free Agents

New England Patriots 2022 Free Agents

The Patriots are coming off of a period where they spent $159.6 million in just nine days of free agency in 2021. They are going

Best Players to Trade For in Madden 22

Best Players to Trade For in Madden 22

While doing research it appears that EA has made trading for players slightly harder in Madden 22. For example, last year I traded Alex Anzalone

Best Values in Madden Fantasy Drafts

Best Values in Madden 22 Fantasy Drafts

Fantasy drafts are one of the most creative ways to launch your franchise. This article will serve as a cheat sheet to drafting an unstoppable

Fastest Running Backs in Madden 22

Fastest Running Backs in Madden 22

The fastest running backs in Madden 22 are honestly a little surprising. There are only a few running backs that can outrun the rest of

Fastest Wide Receivers in Madden 22

Fastest Wide Receivers in Madden 22

Madden is a game of speed by nature. Speed is one the most important attributes to obtain when building your roster in Madden 22. There

Fastest Quarterbacks in Madden 22

Fastest Quarterbacks in Madden 22

One of the most fun ways to spice up your Madden 22 experience is by starting a mobile quarterback. Not only is it fun, but

Fastest Players in Madden 22

Fastest NFL Players in Madden 22

EA has finally released their ratings for Madden 22. Here are the fastest NFL players in Madden 22 on release day. 1. KC WR Tyreek

Red Sox Offseason Wish List

Red Sox Offseason Wish List

The Boston Red Sox appear to be one of a few big spenders this offseason for two main reasons. The pandemic cut payroll for most

How to Rebuild a Franchise in Madden 21

How to Rebuild a Franchise in Madden 21

Jumping into franchise mode has always been a great time in the Madden series. Rebuilding however can be a tricky process, especially if you do

Best Players to Trade For in Madden 21

Best Players to Trade For in Madden 21

If you are not making trades in Madden 21 Franchise mode, you are hurting your teams potential. There are over 2,000 players in Madden 21,

How to slide in Madden 21

How To Slide in Madden 21

Madden has made fumbling much more common in recent years, to the point where it is completely unrealistic. For that reason, sliding is an important

The best teams to rebuild in Madden 21

Best Teams to Rebuild in Madden 21

Rebuilding a team in franchise mode is one of the most entertaining things to do in Madden 21. Choosing the right team to rebuild is

Red Sox Yankees

Red Sox Piss Game Away Early, 0-4 RISP

The Red Sox entered the Bronx feeling much better after a two game winning streak. The trouble is, the Red Sox only have two real starters in the rotation, and now head to Yankee Stadium trying to win a series with openers.

Boston Red Sox v New York Mets

Red Sox Win Another Game in Gritty Fashion

Yesterday I wrote that the Red Sox have Nathan Eovaldi and four openers. That was slightly disrespectful to Martin Perez, who averages 5.2 IP per start over his career (158 games started). Perez had a rough debut versus the Orioles, where he gave up five runs (four earned), six hits, two walks, and struck out two batters.

Red Sox

Red Sox Steal A Game Versus deGrom, Mets

The Red Sox won a much needed game in what could have been an absolute disaster. The way this team is currently constructed, the Red Sox really only have one chance to win a game every five days. That would be because of a man named Nathan Eovaldi. With Eduardo Rodriguez down due COVID-19 complications

Fastest Players in Madden 21

Fastest Players in Madden 21

Speed is one of the most important attributes in the Madden franchise. This is an in-depth list of the top ten fastest players in Madden

fastest players in mlb the show 20

Fastest Players in MLB The Show 20

Having fast players can help create offense, and massively improve a teams range on defense. Here are the 10 fastest players in MLB The Show 20.

Patriots edge rushers

Patriots Edge Rushers: Positional Breakdown

The Patriots lost some quality edge rushers this offseason. Both Jamie Collins and Kyle Van Noy signed large contracts to play for former Patriots defensive coordinators. The Patriots will use a mix of defensive ends and outside linebackers to contain the outside and pass rush.

Make madden 20 franchise fun

How to Make Your Madden 20 Franchise Fun

People are asking how to make Madden 20 Franchise mode fun. There are a lot of ways to improve your experience in Madden 20 so I put together all of my best tips.

Trevor Lawrence Draft

Teams Most Likely to Draft Trevor Lawrence

Trevor Lawrence: the crown jewel of the 2021 NFL Draft class will be the most highly sought after prospect next April. We will likely see #Tank4Trevor trending at some point so let’s take a look at some possible destinations for Trevor Lawrence.

Patriots schedule 2020

Patriots Schedule for 2020

The Patriots schedule for the 2020 season is a tough one. Not only do the Patriots have the toughest strength of schedule, but they have to go into the season without Brady at the helm for the first time since 2001.

Patriots tight ends

Patriots Tight Ends: Positional Breakdown

Patriots tight ends have been abysmal since the departure of Rob Gronkowski. Belichick and McDaniels were forced to shift their personnel to feature the position less than they would have liked to.

Patriots offensive line

Patriots Offensive Line: Positional Breakdown

The Patriots offensive line frankly did not get the job done in 2019. Brady, who is known for having a historically quick release could not get the ball out fast enough with this line.