Best Values in Madden 22 Fantasy Drafts

Best Values in Madden Fantasy Drafts
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Fantasy drafts are one of the most creative ways to launch your franchise. This article will serve as a cheat sheet to drafting an unstoppable team in the present and future. I have found the best values in Madden 22 fantasy drafts.

The beginning of the draft is loaded with stars, and there aren’t many wrong choices. Quarterbacks fly off the board early as well as some other key positions like receivers, pass rushers and cornerbacks. The way to win your draft is with mid-to late-round picks because everyone drafts well in rounds one through five. Here are the best values in Madden 22 fantasy drafts:

Tip: Go through the position tabs when drafting. For some reason certain elite players don’t show up on the best available tab.

Kyle Pitts – 81 – 1st Round

Kyle Pitts is a generational talent in real life and in Madden 22. He is the highest rated rookie and a phenomenal back of the first round selection. To be clear, he is not to be drafted over Patrick Mahomes with the first overall pick. He typically goes in the 20-30 range, and provides more upside than just about anyone. If you have a late-round pick and Pitts is on the board, take him into consideration.

With 91 speed, 92 acceleration and 71 strength, Pitts is a match-up nightmare. There are only a handful of linebackers that can keep up with him, and he will bully defensive backs all game. Pitts is more than just a safety net for the quarterback. He will make big-time plays and develop as fast as anyone in the game.

Jaylen Waddle – 76 – 3rd Round

The third round is a spot where you need to choose between a veteran superstar or a young superstar in the making. It’s hard to pass on the 95+ overall talent still left on the board. However, I know how to get elite production out of a player like Jaylen Waddle. He will be an instant playmaker and become a 95+ receiver when the other options on the board are already regressing. I want a player that can help in the present and in the future, which is why I’d be willing to take a 76 overall in the third round.

Waddle typically will be drafted in the early fourth so if you want him you’re going to need to take him in round three (or gamble with a top-five pick in round four). With 97 speed and 95 acceleration, Jaylen Waddle made the list of fastest players in Madden 22. He is one of the best rookies in the game and will make an impact right away. I chose Waddle here but Ja’Marr Chase (75 overall) is another option that will be drafted in the early fourth. In fact, if you are at the turn, you could create a rookie stack with Waddle and Chase.

If you do decide to go veteran over rookie, Julio Jones (95 overall) will be available until the middle of the fourth. He would also be a great player to pair with one of the rookies. Two of my favorites in round four are cornerbacks Denzel Ward (89 overall) and Marshon Lattimore (87 overall).

Tom Brady – 97 – 5th Round

The greatest player in football history will be available until the end of round five. Brady has the second highest quarterback rating in the game and will be going much later than some of his inferior competition. My strategy with this year’s game will be to draft Brady in the fifth round and ride out his elite play until retirement.

Brady is being drafted in the 25-30 area so if you have a late fifth and really want the co-cover boy, consider pulling the trigger a round early. Tom Brady is one of my favorite steals in fantasy drafts.

Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah – 72 – 8th Round

I’m going to give you two directions to go with your eighth-round pick. If you like both, consider taking one of these players in the seventh round. Owusu-Koramoah is listed at ROLB but played all over the field at Notre Dame. I would consider taking Owusu-Koramoah and moving him to your weakest safety spot. He has the explosiveness to play the position already. If his coverage skills develop, he will be able to dominate from the safety spot with elite size and speed. He has 87 pursuit and will be a day one contributor against the run. Typically, I would go with a linebacker such as the next three I’m about to suggest. However, there are plenty of late-round steals to fill your linebacker room up with instead.

Devin Bush – 77 – 8th Round

Bush has one of the best speed and size combinations in the game. He can cover ground in pass coverage and will be a monster at getting to the ball carrier. With 90 speed and 92 acceleration, I would also recommend a hefty use of pass rushing up the middle. The more stats Bush can rack up, the faster he will catch up to a Devin White-level talent (going in the early fifth round). Now, this is the area of the draft where you are going to want to grab as many young linebackers as possible. Foyesade Oluokun (79 overall) and Patrick Queen (76 overall) will both go off the board in the beginning of the ninth round. I recommend grabbing one of these three and then doubling down a linebacker with my next suggestion.

Micah Parsons – 75 – 9th Round

I am absolutely stunned at how late Parsons can be drafted in Madden 22 fantasy drafts. Parsons has 93 speed and 90 acceleration as an outside linebacker. He was one of the most dominant defensive players in college football two years ago and will continue to wreak havoc at the NFL level. Parsons has the perfect profile to develop into a superstar. Micah Parsons is without a doubt one of the best values in Madden 22 fantasy drafts.

Tyler Lockett – 88 – 10th Round

Can I interest you in an elite receiver in the tenth round? Lockett is way too good to be sitting around this late in the draft. He would be the perfect receiver to team up with some of the rookie receivers I recommend in this article. Lockett is an explosive player that can be an immediate gamechanger while some of the younger suggestions develop. He’ll also make you feel better about passing on elite players for rookies.

The craziest part about Lockett’s draft value is that he usually goes in the back of the 11th round. If you feel like playing with fire, you could see if he falls to your pick in the next round.

Other players to look for at this point in the draft: C Corey Linsley (88 overall), C Brandon Linder (84 overall), FS Jeremy Chinn (80 overall), WR Marquise Brown (80 overall) CB Jaycee Horn (74 overall).

Jamin Davis – 73 – 11th Round

Linebackers with elite speed are some of the easiest players to develop in the game. I will continue to recommend young players with that profile. Davis would be a perfect middle linebacker to pair with Devin Bush in a 3-4 defense. Jamin Davis is a steal this late in the draft.

Robby Anderson – 87 – 12th Round

Anderson is another player that is being selected way too late in this draft. I shouldn’t have to convince you to make this pick here. The only other player to consider at this point in the draft is Henry Ruggs III (78 overall). Anderson is much better but Ruggs III is the second fastest player in Madden 22. I’d personally beef up my team with Anderson, but would not fault anyone leaning towards Ruggs III.

Brandon Graham – 85 – 14th Round

Graham is going to be an impact player on defense immediately. He can be drafted at any point in the fourteenth round which is great value. Now the defense is really starting to shape up. More draft steals to come. Keep scrolling.

Devonta Smith – 75 – 15th Round

Smith is an unbelievable rookie talent coming off a Heisman run. For some reason, he is being drafted more than ten rounds after the other touted first-round receivers. If you’re following the strategy to this point, you could have a receiving core of Lockett, Anderson, Waddle and Smith with Tom Brady at the helm.

Brandon Williams – 85 – 16th Round

The defensive tackle position is often overlooked in real life and in Madden. That will work in your favor as Brandon Williams will be available late in the draft. I like to run a 3-4 defense and let four linebackers fly around the field. That defense is made stronger by adding a 335 pound nose tackle in the middle.

Odafe Oweh – 70 – 16th Round

Now I would rather have Brandon Williams but you might be able to get both if you have an early 17th round pick. In my latest draft, Williams went 21st and Oweh went 24th. Oweh is another pass rusher that can absolutely fly. He projects to be another Brian Burns or Montez Sweat type, both players who could be acquired easily and become elite pass rushers. All three players share elite speed off the edge.

If Oweh is off the board early, Blake Cashman (73 overall) is an outside linebacker that can be made into a DPOY candidate with some user skill and frequent linebacker blitzes.

Rob Gronkowski – 86 – 18th Round

These are the steals that make it worth writing these lists. Gronkowski is a top-ten tight end available when most people start simulating the draft. He is another candidate for the best values in fantasy drafts.

Casey Hayward Jr. – 86 – 19th Round

Hayward Jr. is certainly over the hill but an unbelievable value for his draft cost. He can still handle his own at cornerback but would also be an interesting cover safety if needed. This is another slam dunk pick late in the draft.

Raheem Mostert – 86 – 20th Round

Mostert is already 29-years-old at a position that does not age well. That said, Mostert ran over 23 MPH last season and is by far the fastest running back in the game. He has 97 speed and 96 acceleration. This late in the draft it only makes sense to go out and get someone with elite speed out of the backfield.

Chris Harris Jr. – 87 – 21st Round

Harris Jr. is another veteran cornerback that can be drafted late. He is going in the late 21st round, and has the same case as Hayward Jr. He fills a short-term need at the cornerback position. Harris has some juice left and could be a safety if needed as well.

Eric Stokes – 71 – 21st Round

I don’t usually love the idea of going for inexperienced cornerbacks. I want my top two corners to be able to shut down a dynamic wide receiver duo, and rookies usually don’t have the coverage skills. However, Stokes is a player that has a very high upside. With 95 speed and 93 acceleration, Stokes will be able to keep pace with the fastest wide receivers in the league. I would love to have Stokes as a third or fourth cornerback, where he can develop into a lockdown defender. His coverage skills are in the low 70’s but will increase quickly if you can find spots to get Stokes on the field. With his speed and agility the return game would be an option for him. Taking a shot on Stokes is a no brainer in 21st round.

Antonio Brown – 86 – 23rd Round

Antonio Brown is a generational talent that still has some juice left. He will actually fall all the way to round 26 at points, but there is no need to get greedy at this point in the draft.

Richard Sherman – 85 – 24th Round

At this point you need to decide if you want another veteran cornerback. There are three options and Sherman has the best value.

Albert Okwuegbunam – 69 – 25th Round

Okwuegbunam is a 6’5″, 255 pound tight end with 88 speed and 91 acceleration. He has an 82 catch in traffic rating, but will need development to become a star. His speed will create separation over middle, but his 64 release rating and abysmal route running ratings will need to be upgraded.

If you can get Okwuegbunam 50+ yards a game and some red zone targets, he should move up the tight end ranks quickly. The more targets he gets the better he will become. Tight ends are historically easy to target in Madden, and Okwuegbunam looks like he was built in a lab to become the next great NFL tight end.

Kareem Jackson – 86 – 26th Round

Jackson is an 86 overall and tied for the eighth best strong safety in the Madden 22. He is the only safety on the list and a great addition to your team.

Damon Harrison – 80 – 27th Round

Harrison is a great option for those who passed on Brandon Williams. He is also a great player to add as a 4-3 starter or 3-4 depth option.

Alex Mack – 86 – 29th Round

Mack is a really solid lineman to add to a list of star-studded players – one of the best values in Madden 22 fantasy drafts.

Justin Tucker – 87 – 42nd Round

Justin Tucker rounds out my list of the best values in Madden 22 fantasy drafts. End your draft pillaging by acquiring the best kicker in the NFL.

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