Best Teams to Rebuild in Madden 21

The best teams to rebuild in Madden 21

Rebuilding a team in franchise mode is one of the most entertaining things to do in Madden 21. Choosing the right team to rebuild is even more important than a normal franchise, because the goal is to improve each season. That means you should be sticking with this team for at least a few seasons. Picking a boring team can really affect your ability to enjoy your franchise mode. Here are the best teams to rebuild in Madden 21.

If you are not completely sold on a rebuild, I wrote an article about picking the right team in franchise mode, where I included contenders as well as rebuilding teams.

Miami Dolphins

The Miami Dolphins deserve a spot on this list for a plethora of reasons. The Dolphins have everything you could ask for when looking to rebuild. For starters, they have a strong rookie class, led by a 73 overall, dual-threat quarterback in Tua Tagovailoa. They also have two first and second-round draft picks in next year’s class. Finally, they have a group of overpriced veterans that can be dealt for draft picks without affecting on-field play. Dealing those veterans will lead to cap space, which is a very overlooked advantage in Madden.

As far as the roster goes, they actually have some players to build around. Byron Jones leads the team with an 88 overall, with Kyle Van Noy at 86 overall, Devante Parker at 84 overall, and Xavien Howard at 82 overall. I would advise trading for a couple of young pieces before playing a game. Then you can focus on developing your core in year one, then ramp up the rebuild in the first offseason with cap space and high draft picks. The Miami Dolphins are the lowest rated team in Madden 21 at 76 overall. They certainly qualify as one of the best teams to rebuild in Madden 21.

Denver Broncos

The Denver Broncos are a team I did not expect to put on this list. However, I am a huge fan of their young offensive weapons. At 78 overall, the Broncos are one of the lowest rated teams in the game. That said, they actually have one of the best teams for user play. The defense is surprisingly good, led by Von Miller at 97 overall. The defense is a veteran led group that will take pressure off the user on offense.

The offensive players are rated lower than they will actually play in game. They have a group of rookies that will outplay their overall because of their pure speed and athleticism. Sutton is already a stud at 84 overall, and the running back duo of Philip Lindsay (85 overall) and Melvin Gordon III (84 overall). The enticing part of the team is the rookie group that includes WR Jerry Jeudy (75 overall), WR K.J. Hamler (70 overall), and TE Albert Okwuegbunam (66 overall). Throw in second year tight end Noah Fant (74 overall), and you have arguably the most athletic receiving core in the NFL. If you do not understand why that offense is so enticing, take a peak at those players’ speed and acceleration ratings. You can find a lot of the Broncos young core in my article titled: The Best Players to Trade For in Madden 21

Cincinnati Bengals

The Bengals are an interesting team to rebuild because of their offensive potential. Joe Burrow is another dual-threat quarterback at 76 overall. Burrow is the perfect rookie quarterback in Madden 21 and has plenty of weapons to develop quickly. Joe Mixon will be in his backfield at 89 overall, A.J. Green will be his top receiver at 88 overall. The receiving core also includes 83 overall Tyler Boyd, John Ross with 96 speed and 95 acceleration, and the rookie Tee Higgins at 71 overall. The Bengals are projected to have the 7th highest amount of cap space after the season. With Burrow at the helm, the Cincinnati Bengals are one of the best teams to rebuild in Madden 21.

Arizona Cardinals

The Arizona Cardinals feature one of the best young cores in Madden 21. Kyler Murray was disrespected with a 77 overall, but his individual ratings make him a weapon on offense. He will be a true dual-threat quarterback as the second fastest player at his position. You will get to throw to 98 overall Deandre Hopkins, one of the best players in the game. I mentioned that young core, and Isaiah Simmons is right behind Kyler on that list. Simmons is a 78 overall that can fill any void on defense. I talked about his unbelievable skill set in this article:

Simmons is arguably my favorite player in Madden 21, as he is one of the best athletes in the NFL. The team itself will be one of the hardest to rebuild in Madden 21. The offensive line is disastrous and the team has a ton of other holes as well. One thing the Cardinals do have is cap room, and the next free agent class is loaded. The passing game overall is pretty strong and Kliff Kingsbury’s Air Raid offense will be electric in Madden 21. I highly advise making some trades before you even play a game. Continue the youth movement by trading for young players, rookies are the easiest to develop.

Carolina Panthers

Matt Rhule has taken over in Carolina, as a real life rebuild is underway. The team is young and has some awesome weapons on offense. 99 overall Christian McCaffrey is one of the most entertaining players in football, and will be the centerpiece of the offense. Teddy Bridgewater is a capable quarterback at 75 overall, with dual-threat capabilities. One of the most enticing factors for choosing the Panthers is the wide receiver room. Carolina has D.J. Moore at 85 overall, Robby Anderson right behind at 84 overall, and Curtis Samuel at 80 overall (with 95 speed and 93 acceleration). The offense is loaded with weapons and the defense is in the process of being rebuilt.

Majority of your attention will have to go into making upgrades on the defensive side of the ball. At 24-years-old, 82 overall Donte Jackson is going to be a mainstay for the Panthers. He is solid in coverage and made the list of top ten fastest players in Madden 21. Brian Burns is the other returning player that can become special with development. Burns has 88 speed and 91 acceleration as a right end. If used correctly, Burns will have a chance to lead the league in sacks and tackles for loss with game-breaking speed. He is only a 79 overall right now, but I was able to get him to a 99 in just a few seasons in Madden 20. He was another player featured in my trade target article for Madden 21.

As far as rookies go, the Panthers have two of the best rookies in the game on the defensive front. I wrote extensively about both players when I covered the top ten defensive rookies in Madden 21. The Carolina Panthers are one of two teams with multiple players on the list. This Carolina Panthers team is one of the best teams to trade for in Madden 21.

Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jacksonville Jaguars are my top pick for a player that wants to experience a realistic rebuild. The storylines are out there with Yannick Ngakoue wanting out and Leonard Fournette allegedly on the trade block. Both players will be free agents at the end of the season. In fact, a large portion of the roster are upcoming free agents. Luckily, the Jaguars are fourth in projected salary cap space, giving you a lot of freedom to rebuild a team in desperate need of quality leadership.

The Jaguars do have a few things going for them. Fournette is one of the team’s best players at 83 overall. While his contract is up, the upcoming free agent running back class is absolutely loaded. Gardner Minshew II showed that he could be a starting quarterback in the NFL, coming in at a 70 overall. You can spend year one figuring out if he is the guy. If so, great. If not, you’ll likely have a high draft pick to develop your own quarterback. I recommend adding the Trevor Lawrence draft class, and aiming for Lawrence or Fields. My favorite element of the team, besides the state of the team, is the 2020 rookie draft class. The Jacksonville Jaguars are the only team besides the Panthers to have two players on the “top ten defensive rookies in Madden 21” list. Both Henderson and Chaisson are going to be special players in this game. The Jaguars are definitely one of the best teams to rebuild in Madden 21.

New England Patriots

The New England Patriots are an interesting choice for a rebuild, as they currently are favorites to win the AFC East. The team is an 81 overall, which is middle of the pack, tied with some quality teams. The basis of this rebuild starts in 2021, with a lot of aging veterans on the way out. Here is a list of some notable players that are over the hill:

Julian Edelman8734
Devin McCourty9233
Jason McCourty8533
Patrick Chung8332
Dont’a Hightower8830

On top of that, there are many players with expiring contracts. Most notably, RG Joe Thuney (85 overall), CB Jason McCourty (85 overall), David Andrews (84 overall), James White (82 overall), and of course, Cam Newton (78 overall). The Patriots have already lost a ton of talent this offseason and more key players will be on the move next offseason. This rebuild will be a challenge, but you will have the second most salary cap space to play with in your first offseason. Cam Newton will be a blast to play with and present an interesting option at the end of the season. Do you move on or extend a newly healthy Cam Newton? That will be one of many interesting decisions you will have to make. This team is perfect for someone who wants to compete for a year before having a big offseason with lots of turnover. If you want to rebuild right away, there are plenty of veterans to trade for draft picks or younger players. This is certainly one of the best teams to rebuild in Madden 21, as you will have a tradition of excellence to continue.

The Washington Football Team

If you are looking to relocate a franchise, this team is for you. Washington is facing major turnover from the top down. They legitimately could not even think of a team name, that’s how bad this franchise is being run at the moment. You will have the opportunity to start from scratch, and 80 overall Superstar X-Factor rookie Chase Young will be there to help. The team also features standout Terry McLaurin at 82 overall. The team will need a lot of restructuring overall, but this is the perfect team to start fresh with. They need a logo as badly as they need to improve their on-field performance. The Washington Football Team is one of the best teams to rebuild in Madden 21, especially if you want to go into owner mode.

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