Best Players to Trade For in Madden 22

Best Players to Trade For in Madden 22

While doing research it appears that EA has made trading for players slightly harder in Madden 22. For example, last year I traded Alex Anzalone (73 overall), a fifth-round pick and seventh-round pick for Quentin Nelson (94 overall, 24-year-old). Those kind of trades appear to be much harder to come by. Part of this reasoning is likely due to the new franchise staff system that includes “talents” to make trading easier. To learn more about the new franchise staff feature, click here: How The New Coaching Tree Works in Madden 22.

The new trade center appears more realistic, but there is still plenty of players that are undervalued. Here are the best players to trade for in Madden 22:

WR Tyler Lockett – 88 – Seattle Seahawks

Lockett is being disregarded by the CPU in Madden 22 for some reason. I discovered this when researching The Best Values in Madden 22 Fantasy Drafts. Lockett is an elite player that is only 28-years-old. It should be a lot harder to trade for a player of his caliber than it actually is. Lockett is without question one of the best players to trade for in Madden 22.

Example Trade: LT Kolton Miller (79 overall) and LE Maxx Crosby (77 overall) for WR Tyler Lockett (88 overall).

CB Darius Slay Jr. – 88 – Philadelphia Eagles

Slay was one of a few players that I was surprised to get for cheap. At 30-years-old, Slay still has a few years of high-level play left. Usually the older corners still have cover skills but lose the speed to keep up with top end top wide receivers. That is not the case here. He still has 93 speed and 92 acceleration, which is more than enough. Slay also has 87 man coverage and 91 zone coverage, both elite. Darius Slay Jr. is a player that will improve every single defense in the league and is being traded for dirt.

Example Trade: SS Donovan Wilson (75 overall) for CB Darius Slay Jr. (88 overall).

Note: If you feel like you need even more help at the cornerback position, Chris Harris Jr. (87 overall) and Casey Hayward Jr. (86 overall) are both easy to trade for. Richard Sherman (85 overall) will also be sitting in free agency at the start of your franchise mode. All of these cornerbacks can be moved to safety to increase their overalls.

LE Akiem Hicks – 88 – Chicago Bears

Hicks is another player who is easy to trade for despite being an elite player. He has 95 strength, 91 block shedding, 91 power moves, and 70 finesse moves. The 31-year-old has plenty of experience dissecting offenses, which is reflected with 97 play recognition and 96 awareness. Hicks is the sixth highest rated left end in Madden 22.

Example Trade: CB Anthony Brown (76 overall) and a 2022 fifth-round pick for LE Akiem Hicks (88 overall).

Note: If you cannot make the Akiem Hicks trade work, LE Brandon Graham (85 overall) is a lot easier to trade for due to his age.

MLB Donte Hightower – 87 – New England Patriots

I typically go for blazing fast linebackers to user and develop quickly. However, Hightower’s price was too low to ignore and he has a lot of favorable attributes. Plus, 80 speed and 86 acceleration is more than enough to roam the middle of the field. Hightower also has 93 hit power, 93 pursuit, 92 awareness, 90 play recognition, 78 block shedding and 78 power moves. He is a solid all-around linebacker that can provide a spark for your defense.

Example Trade: FS Damontae Kazee (77 overall) for MLB Donte Hightower (87 overall).

TE Rob Gronkowski – 86 – Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Gronkowski is another player that I realized the CPU disrespects when researching for my fantasy draft article. At 32-years-old Gronk can still be considered one of the most reliable targets in the game. He has great hands and can provide plenty after the catch. He certainly isn’t a candidate to take a slant to the house, but he can truck a safety for a first down.

Example Trade: RE Randy Gregory (77 overall) for TE Rob Gronkowski (86 overall) and a 2023 fourth-round pick.

SS Kareem Jackson – 86 – Denver Broncos

Jackson is the eighth highest rated strong safety in Madden 22. At 33-years-old it makes sense that Jackson is not the hardest player to trade for in the game. Still, Jackson has at least one great year of play left in him. He has the ability to provide a boost to majority of NFL rosters. I’m always a fan of adding another playmaker in the secondary and Jackson certainly fits that description. For rentals, Jackson is one of the best players to trade for in Madden 22.

Example Trade: SS Karl Joseph (77 overall) and a 2023 seventh-round pick for SS Kareem Jackson (86 overall).

C Alex Mack – 86 – San Francisco 49ers

Most Madden players tend to overlook the value of a strong offensive line. Adding a veteran center like Mack will help improve all aspects of your offense. Especially when you consider moving him over to guard. Most teams will have a need for Mack at one of the three interior lineman positions.

Example Trade: QB Marcus Mariota (69 overall), CB Amik Robertson (69 overall) and a 2023 seventh-round pick for C Alex Mack (86 overall).

MLB Foyesade Oluokun – 79 – Atlanta Falcons

I’m going to suggest a few linebacker options in this article because I find them to be extremely valuable. Having a Defensive Player of the Year candidate in the middle of your defense disrupts the opposing offense on every single down. The best way to develop a player of that caliber would be to find a young linebacker with elite speed. At 26-years-old, Oluokun fits the mold and has more developed veteran attributes like 83 play recognition and 87 awareness. Pair those skills with 90 speed and 89 acceleration and you have exactly what you’re looking for. To create a weapon of mass destruction, make sure to send Oluokun on frequent blitzes to rack up sacks and tackles for loss. He’ll need those to develop into a superstar.

Example Trade: LG Connor Williams (72 overall) for MLB Foyesade Oluokun (79 overall), a 2023 fourth-round pick and a 2023 sixth-round pick.

MLB Devin Bush – 77 – Pittsburg Steelers

Everything I said about Oluokun applies to Bush, except Bush is only 23-years-old and easier to develop. I put both players on the list because I think it would be smart to trade for both. In a 3-4 defense both players could shine up the middle. In any other defense one could move over to right outside linebacker. Bush is a priority trade target in my eyes. He has 90 speed and 92 acceleration with a quality overall skillset. Also, if you look at the trade I made while doing research you will see that Devin Bush is an absolute steal. Bush is one of the best players to trade for in Madden 22.

Example Trade: SS Donovan Wilson (75 overall) and a 2023 seventh-round pick for MLB Devin Bush (77 overall) and a third-round pick.

Note: If you want to add even more blazing fast linebackers, there are plenty more to choose from. MLB Micah Parsons (75 overall) and MLB Jamin Davis (73 overall) are both rookies that will develop insanely fast. ROLB Blake Cashman (73 overall) and ROLB Akeem Davis-Gaither (71 overall) are super easy to trade for and can become elite with some user skill.

TE Albert Okwuegbunam – 69 – Denver Broncos

Okwuegbunam provides exactly what I am looking for from a tight end, despite being a 69 overall. He is a mismatch. Okwuegbunam has 88 speed and 91 acceleration, paired with a large frame. He’s way too fast to be covered by the average linebacker and too big to be covered by a defensive back. You rarely see Madden users take advantage of the tight end position to the fullest. Tight ends are easy to feed in Madden and I want that position to have upside. I made Okwuegbunam an unstoppable force in Madden 21 and will do so again in Madden 22.

WR Anthony Schwartz – 67 – Cleveland Browns

There are two roles I like to fill immediately when starting a franchise. The first as you might have imagined is to fill my linebacker core with speed. The second is to find a blazing fast rookie slot receiver. As I say in most of my articles, speed kills in Madden. The slot receiver is rarely pressed and is the most targeted player for majority of user players. I want the receiver with the most volume to have a ton of upside and be able to develop quickly. Rookies with elite speed fit that description. Schwartz is not the most refined wide receiver but there will be plenty of room to make plays in space. He will not have to battle for separation on the outside until he is developed enough to be trusted there.

Schwartz has 97 speed, 94 acceleration and will not be impossible to trade for like Jaylen Waddle or even second-year wideout Henry Ruggs III. If you have one of these speedsters already you do not have to go out and get Schwartz, but it wont hurt either.

Example Trade: 2022 fifth-round pick for WR Anthony Schwartz (67 overall).

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