Best Jumpshot in NBA 2K22 (Current+Next Gen)

Best Jumpshot in NBA 2K22

Everyone wants to know, what is the best jumpshot in NBA 2K22? You’re looking for the biggest green window and the smoothest release. Don’t worry, I got you covered.

So what is the best jumpshot in NBA 2K22?

The simple answer is Steph Curry’s jumpshot is the best in the game for NBA 2K22. His jumpshot has been one of the best for a long time. His shot is not only fast but one of the smoothest in the game. If you’ve never used Steph Curry’s jumpshot before, give it a try.

One sleeper jumpshot that I love this year is Trey Burke. Burke has a super clean shot that makes him play far better than he should. I would be wary of using Trey Burke’s jumpshot with bigmen, but guards will excel with this jumpshot. If I’m playing MyLeague, I like to throw Burke on my bench so I know I have a second-line option that I can drain shots with.

Jumpshot 98 has reigned supreme for years, but going with a base player is a safer solution. 2K is always trying to patch overpowered animations like Jumpshot 98, but they will never change Curry’s smooth release. They nerfed the shot last year and will do so again if they determine it’s too good once again. They patch the game on a regular basis to take away from jumpshot creations that are “broken.” Practicing with a real player’s release is a much better way to play than constantly adjusting to patches. Steph Curry’s jumpshot is patch proof, which makes him the best option.

Biggest Green Window Jumpshot in 2K22:

The jumpshot creation with the biggest green window is a Dwayne Wade base, Paul George upper release one, a Rudy Gay upper release two with 75% speed, and a 60/40 blend.

I just explained why playing with a jumpshot creation in 2K22 is a bad idea. However, if you’re life depended on you winning a game right now, this creation has the biggest green window I’ve seen. I saw this creation from Gawd Triller in a video for 2K21 and found that it still works in NBA 2K22.

Best Jumpshots For Bigman

Rudy Gay has the best jumpshot for bigs in NBA 2K22. His release is quick, clean, and has a large green window. A lot of people blend his shot with players like Magic Johnson, but his jumpshot is plenty effective by itself.

Best Free Throw in NBA 2K22:

The best free throw shot in NBA 2K22 is Trey Burke. Trey Burke has a phenomenal jumpshot and I practically never miss at the line either. His shot is quick, smooth, and a green window machine. That said, you can time up just about any free throw shot with some practice.


There are always going to be people claiming they have the best jumpshot ever. The important thing to note is that if you are using one jumpshot consistently, you will excel with it. That’s why I recommend using a real player’s jumpshot with no blending or speed changes. Steph Curry is great, Trey Burke is great, I even love Ray Allen and Dante Exum’s jumpshots. Find one that works for you, and stick with it.

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