Best Center Build 2K22 (Post Rebirth Patch)

Best Center Build in 2K22

Many of the “best build” videos and blogs have been wrecked by the new changes to the game in season two. This build was invented after the patch and is up to date. One trend that has picked up steam in the last few years is to play as a center in NBA 2K. For that reason, I have found the best center build in 2K22.

This build was created by HeyShowtime and is a problem in the paint. I strongly recommend this build for beginners who don’t have the dribble moves to dominate as a guard or forward. That said, this is a very effective build that is not made just for beginners.

Strengths of Build

This build has two clear strengths: Finishing and Defense/Rebounding. Logically, those two areas would be focal points as a center.

From a finishing standpoint, this player will excel with close shots and dunking. My favorite aspect of the build is definitely the rebounding and shot-blocking capabilities. Both rebounding categories will be in the 90’s as well as blocking.


Now, this may be a little confusing, but the best way to build a center is to use a power forward base. This will give your player more athleticism.

Skillset Breakdown

For the skillset breakdown, you are going to be choosing the third to last pie chart. The chart is more than half red. This skillset is heavily reliant on defense/rebounding (red). Playmaking (yellow), finishing (blue), and shooting (green) are going to be split evenly with the remaining skills.

Physical Profile

The best physical profile is the one with an emphasis on speed and vertical. You will be choosing the fourth pie chart. Strength is not nearly as important as the other two factors.


The attributes section is where this build starts to show its true dominance. This build has the physical traits of a steller defender but the skill of an offensive superstar inside the paint.


This category is obviously the most important offensively for an inside scorer. We will be maxing out some of these fields to create a weapon under the hoop.

  • Close Shot – 83
  • Driving Layup – 68
  • Driving Dunk – 83
  • Standing Dunk – 83


This is an area where you may be a little surprised by the lack of attention. We are actually not going to enhance any of these categories. This build is not designed to shoot outside the elbows.


Playmaking is an area that will get enough upgrades to receive six badges. If you’re playing with a shooter you’ll need enough skill to kick the ball out but that’s about it.

  • Pass Accuracy – 67
  • Ball Handle – 51
  • Post Control – 60


This is where this build will shine. Nobody will be able to hang with this build in the paint. You’re also going to make much more of a defensive impact than you’re likely accustomed to. The key to success in sports is zigging when everyone else zags. This is a prime example of having a strength that no opponent will match. You will receive 30 badges in this category.

  • Interior Defense – 85
  • Perimeter Defense – 72
  • Lateral Quickness – 76
  • Steal – 78
  • Block – 92
  • Offensive Rebound – 93
  • Defensive Rebound – 93

Body Shape, Height, Weight & Wingspan

Start off with a burly body shape. For height, you are going to go with 6’8.″ For weight, it is important to go as light as you are allowed. The wingspan is going to be maxed out, which is arguably the most important part of the build.

The best Takeover for a center build in 2K22 is the Glass Cleaner.

Link To Video

As I stated earlier, this build is from HeyShowtime. In this article, I went over the current-gen build, but he goes over next-gen as well.


If you would like to see the best build in 2K22 (not a center), then I would recommend checking out this article on the topic. This player is 6’7″ with 90 speed, 88 acceleration, and insane defensive/rebounding capabilities.