Best 2K22 Build (6’7″ Demigod)

Best 2K22 Build

The best build in 2K22 has been created thanks to popular Youtube Creator Grinding DF. After seeing this build in action and then seeing the insane attributes, I really can’t envision this build getting phased out by some new trend down the line. Grinding DF’s video will be at the bottom of the article where you can see him embarrassing defenders for six minutes straight.

Strengths of Build

The special aspect of this build is its sheer overall dominance. With the right release, you can bank shots from behind the arc consistently.

The build is made for driving dunks and layups with a special advantage with contact dunks. Where this build stands out though is defensively. With a 6’7″ frame and 89″ wingspan, this player will not allow points.

Wait a second, wouldn’t a character of this frame and defensive prowess be slow? Nope, try 90 speed, 88 acceleration, and insane playmaking ability.


This build will be designed as a power forward. The handiness does not matter but you’ve most likely been accustomed to right-handed shooters.

Skillset Breakdown

For the skillset breakdown, you are going to be choosing the third pie chart. This skillset is reliant on an almost evenly heavy dose of defense/rebounding (red) and playmaking (yellow). Finishing (blue) and shooting (green) take a hit on paper but don’t worry, you’ll be sinking shots and demolishing defenders with contact dunks regularly. With the right release, you will not have to worry about draining shots consistently.

Physical Profile

The best physical profile is the one with the most speed. You will be choosing the first pie chart with an emphasis on agility. The vertical with this build is also above average, especially given the 6’7″ frame. The only area that could be considered lackluster is strength and that does not translate to the court.


The attributes section is where this build starts to show its true dominance. This build has the physical traits of a steller defender but the skill of an offensive superstar.


The only two attributes that will be enhanced here are driving layup and driving dunk. You will get plenty of contact dunks with a bronze posterizer badge based on the sheer size and power of this build. This will also allow you to max out categories typically neglected.

  • Driving Layup – 72
  • Driving Dunk – 75


This is an area where you may be a little surprised by the lack of attention. All areas will be enhanced but not to the degree you may expect. This player is made to dominate in the paint but with the right release will still sink shots from range.

  • Mid-Range Shot – 67
  • Three-Point Shot – 59
  • Free Throw – 79
  • Post Fade – 62


Playmaking is an area that will get the second-most attention. These attributes will be essential for a player that shines in the paint. You will have a total of 19 playmaking badges.

  • Pass Accuracy – 76
  • Ball Handle – 65
  • Post Control – 72


This is where this build will shine. Nobody will be able to hang with this build in the paint. You’re also going to make much more of a defensive impact than you’re likely accustomed to. The key to success in sports is zigging when everyone else zags. This is a prime example of having a strength that no opponent will match. You will receive 21 badges in this category.

  • Interior Defense – 75
  • Perimeter Defense – 61
  • Lateral Quickness – 68
  • Block – 82
  • Offensive Rebound – 82
  • Defensive Rebound – 86

Body Shape, Height, Weight & Wingspan

The body shape is not supposed to matter but I will always go defined. For height you are going to go with 6’7″ as I mentioned earlier. For weight, you want to be exactly 188 pounds. The wingspan is going to be maxed out at 89″ which is arguably the most important part of the build. You’ll still be able to unlock all ball-handling moves while blocking shots and dominating the boards.

The Takeover doesn’t make a huge difference but slasher is generally considered the best way to go.


A lot of people are experiencing glitches with the defensive badges where it says they are only allotted 16 badges when they should have 21. That said, this build is designed to maximize badges.


  • Gold Hot Zone Hunter
  • Silver Sniper
  • Bronze Deadeye
  • Bronze Green Machine
  • Bronze Stop & Pop


  • HOF Bullet Passer
  • HOF Quick First Step
  • HOF Quick Chain
  • HOF Handles For Days
  • Bronze Bail Out
  • Bronze Unpluckable

Defense & Rebounding

  • HOF Intimidator
  • HOF Clamps
  • Silver Interceptor
  • Silver Pogo Stick
  • Bronze Chase Down Artist
  • Bronze Pick Pocket
  • Bronze Tireless Defender
  • Bronze Rebound Chaser

Link To Video

As I stated earlier, this build is from Grinding DF. If you want to see how effective this build is, watch the first few minutes of his video, where he dominates defenders for six minutes straight.


As I said, the shooting attributes are not going to be as high as you’d like on paper. The key to being a menace at the three-point line is having the right release. If you want to have the perfect release to constantly hit greens, check out this article on “The Best Jumpshot in NBA 2K22 (Current+Next Gen).”