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Around the Diamond

The feature podcast of WTF Sports. This is a sports podcast hosted by Scott Neville and Scott Edwards. With a slight Boston bias, the podcast has a healthy combination of information and entertainment.

Around the Diamond
A sports podcast presented by WTF Sports, Scott Neville and Scott Edward will keep you informed on all the latest sports news and give you the opportunity to see into the future with 100% accurate takes. Nobody on this podcast has guaranteed that Bryce Harper would land in Chicago, that's for sure.
Ep 36: Hurricanes Eat a "Poop Sandwhich"

Scott Neville and Scott Edwards discuss the Red Sox being good again as well as some Bruins, Celtics, and pop culture.

Ep 36: Hurricanes Eat a "Poop Sandwhich"
Ep 35: NFL Draft Recap
Ep 34: Breaking the Curse + NFL Mock Draft
Ep 33: The Red Sox stink and AB is cancelled
Ep 32: Xander Bogaerts Extension
Ep 31: MVP Predictions/Division Previews
Ep 30: MLB Rule Changes
Ep 29: Rookie of the Year Predictions
Ep 28: Evan Drellich
Ep: 27 Mets Beatwriter Anthony DiComo
Ep 26: Christian Fauria
Ep 25: Dallas Braden + TSH
Ep 24: Baseball is Back; AAF Football is Incredible
Ep 23: Super Bowl LIII Recap
Ep 22: Joe Kelly the Closer?
Ep 21: Mariners Firesale
Ep 20: Must Win or Can't Lose?
Ep 19: Monday Night Showdown
Ep 18: Free Agent Predictions
Ep 17: Official Keep Joe Kelly Club
Ep 16: World Series Champions
Ep 15: World Series Back On
Ep 14: In the Bullpen We Trust
Ep 13: Brocktober
Ep 12: Game 163
Ep 11: Mike Trout Stinks
Episode Ten: Joe Kelly and the Sox @ Yankees
Episode Nine: Ronald Acuna II
Episode Eight: Strictly Baseball Part Two ft. Sam Rebinskas, Stephen Mottram
Episode Seven: #JustJoey ft. Stephen Mottram
Episode Six: Opening Month
Episode Five: Division Previews
Episode Four: Justin Masterson for MVP
Episode Three: Red Sox vs Yankees
Episode Two: Strictly Baseball ft. Stephen Mottram
Episode One: Jacob deGrom's Hair