Trying To Understand People Who Don’t Like Sports

Okay, so I am starting this off by saying that this isn’t a shot at anyone who does not embrace in the world of sports in any kind, but it is just trying to get and understand of what are you doing if they aren’t in your life.

Listen up people, sports make the world go round. I truly feel that way. Every single day, there is some sport going on that thousands, probably millions are witnessing live on TV, streaming, or in person. Every day there can be a unique storyline that involves your favorite sport. Look at the NBA recently, Anthony Davis going from being apart of the Pelicans future plans to wanting to be traded has been in the news for days it feels. And that isn’t even the game part, that is the front office aspect. There is so many layers in sports to appreciate, which is why I just want to understand.

“I don’t like sports.” A definition – Sports: an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment. So you are trying to tell me, there isn’t one single form of a sport that you enjoy? It literally can be a game of hockey, a swimming meet, a car driving around the track, a dance competition, a wrestling match, or a simple baseball game. If you like none of these, good on you I guess.

I feel bad really, I do. Think of the best moments in sports. I know from experience that they can give you the absolute best emotions in the world – where you jump up, hug everyone in the room, scream from the rooftops – and the worst – where you’re angry, sad, miserable, collapse onto the floor. Those emotions can all be reached within seconds when it comes to the sports world. Look back at the Patriots-Chiefs AFC Conference Championship Game. When CB Jonathan Jones almost picked of Patrick Mahomes, I rose to my feet and collapsed within a second span. It all hits you, the stress, the sadness, the hopelessness, the excitement, and the pure happiness.

So really, if you hate sports, how do you not experience a reaction when you see this:

In these five videos, I can tell you first hand I felt both excitement and pain. When Malcolm Butler picked the ball off on the one yard line, I can’t say I had ever been happier in a single moment in my life to truly be honest. The Sale strikeout, just absolutely awesome. Another jump to your feet after your heart was pounding even though there should have been doubt at that point. Michael Phelps breaking a world record? Witnessing that? He is the greatest Olympian of all time, and in cheering for him, you may have been jumping up and down as the record was in sight. Ronda Rousey losing for the first time and getting knocked out to do so. Devastation. Heart sinking defeat for me personally and I can’t even explain why. It’s just tough. The Blackhawks coming back and winning in game six of the Stanley Cup Final in 2013 in 17 seconds. That feeling will never be topped because it is the weirdest of them all. Your heart drops when they tie it up with a minute to go, and somehow they score again and you can’t accept or stomach the fact that the Bruins just lost the Stanley Cup because it all happened faster than you could say “At least there may be overtime.”

Yes, I had all these emotions. Because Sports are beautiful people. Sure, maybe someone doesn’t want to work in sports and just keep them in your heart somewhere special, I totally get that. But not having this excitement for any sport in the world ever in your life? I just don’t get it.

What I’m asking for is for this to be shared, get the question out there and give me an answer how people go on in their lives without sports. Please, there are people truly missing out and lying to themselves.

And for the people who understand the feelings that I have, the Super Bowl is Sunday. Here goes another live changing experience of fear, anger, (hopefully) happiness, and more.

– Scott Edwards, Creator


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