New Year, Old Klay

For the first time in the Steve Kerr era, the Golden State Warriors are back to the reality of the NBA and not in dream land, destroying teams every other night. Surprisingly this team isn’t in first place in the West and they even had a 7-7 in November. Fans were starting to panic, even though the dubs are still one of the best teams in the NBA and the regular season for the Warriors is just practice for them anyway. Golden State struggled at times in the first half of the season because of a few injuries and the usual sloppy turnovers. The main reason they would lose a few close games is because Klay Thompson’s production dropped out of nowhere.

Thompson was having numerous amounts of bad shooting nights, taking tough shots, and missing some easy buckets, sure he still had some amazing games, but the second Splash Brother was mostly having some cold performances. He wasn’t getting consistently great field goal percentages in games and it wasn’t the same Klay we have seen year after year. You can see the frustration from time to time, especially when the dubs were playing average basketball. Above all, the threes weren’t going down and that was a huge problem. The Warriors were getting beat at the three point line by bad three point shooting teams and it was because the threes weren’t flowing from the power of both Curry and Thompson. This teams main source of excellence comes from the three point depth and when that goes down, this team becomes vulnerable. However, the new year came and the Klay of old returned.

In the first four games of the New Year, Klay has put some amazing numbers up. He shot well over 50 percent from the field in a few of the games and got on some quick hot streaks in those games, to give the Warriors those quick leads, that teams can’t come back from. He also scored over 30 plus points in his last two games and he surprisingly hasn’t done something like that all season. Thompson and the Warriors probably wish that they could play the Chicago Bulls more because he scored 52 against them early in the season and recently put up 30 points against Chicago, while also shooting 63 percent from three point land. You can see Thompsons confidence and numbers slowly coming back again, and it’s helping the dubs get a streak of blowout wins together again.

Most of the Warriors game this season have gone like this: Slow start, get on a run or two, play careless, other team comes back, and the dubs either close it out or lose it late. You can definitely see that this team lost its hunger a bit this season and the players just don’t bring their A game against okay teams because they don’t feel they need to. This leads to a bad habit and then when the elite teams play Golden State, the dubs get run off the court because the compete level is down. You know who the secret ingredient is who usually plays well when the Warriors are struggling in a game? That’s right, it’s Thompson and now that he’s found his groove again, the dubs all stars roles are whole, and the Globetrotter Warriors will slowly put on another terrific show.

– Michael Garaventa, WTF Sports Intern

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