Could Harper and Machado be on the same team?

As the MLB hot stove continues on throughout the beginning of winter, two of the biggest dominoes have yet to fall. Former MVP Bryce Harper and perennial All-Star Manny Machado have yet to choose their new teams for the foreseeable future. It seems that literally any team in the league would jump at the chance to have even one of these amazing players on their rosters. But could they both possibly land on the same team?

Rumors have been flying that the Chicago White Sox could potentially try to acquire both Harper and Machado. When I first heard this I honestly thought there was no chance that could happen. Why would two players in their primes go to such a terrible team? Well, money always plays a big factor in these type of situations and that is what the White Sox have. Harper and Machado have potentially both been looking for deals in the 10 year, $200-300 million range, so this seems like a long shot the White Sox could pull that off and get both of them.

If I had to take a guess, I truly believe Machado will become a Yankee. He’s made it known he wants to be one and he would fit well into their infield. He just seems like the type of player that was born to be a Yankee. The real question is where Harper will land because he’s been tied to numerous clubs during the offseason such as the Cubs, Phillies, Nationals, White Sox, Dodgers and Yankees. The final team that could emerge and acquire them both is the Yankees. Why? Because they’re the Yankees and always have the money and appeal for the biggest stars in the league.

Wherever each of these two massive assets land could really shake up the league this year. Machado was a huge factor in the Dodgers late run to the World Series and Harper is always a threat to pop off at any time. As the stove warms up we will just have to wait and see what happens.

Dave Cook – Contributor


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