The Resurgence of D-Rose and My Interest in the NBA

In 2010, I would say I was a big-time fan of the NBA. It was a time where Lebron went to the Miami Heat and created a new Big 3 with Wade and Bosh, while the Celtics still had the grizzled Big 3 who had enough in them for one more attempt at the Finals. However, it wasn’t my team that brought me the interest that I had then when it comes to the NBA, but it was the man who I would happily call my favorite player to this day. And it is a guy who I honestly forget because my interest in the NBA has fallen since this player has also fallen, but I have kept my eyes on him even when my interest is at the lowest. That man is Derrick Rose. Rose to me was the most entertaining player on the court night in and night out from his first season in 2008 to his MVP season in 2010-11. The player that people love in Russell Westbrook was literally nothing in comparison to MVP Rose in 2010. The ability that he brought to the court night in and night out was simply electrifying, and he was honestly the only player in the past eight years or so to take the MVP honor away from Lebron. However, the injury bug hit Rose like none other and completely derailed his career, sending him out of his hometown of Chicago and essentially becoming a journeyman suddenly. However, a reunion with his old coach Tom Thibodeau in Minnesota last season into this one has given D-Rose something he hasn’t had in a long time, which is excitement.

Rose has averaged 18.5 points in 30 games this season and considering he has only started 9 games this season, those are impressive numbers. He even dropped a career high 50 points this season, which brought tears to his eyes after so many had given up on him and thought his career was over. A resurgence of the league’s once most exciting player is something that drives interest, not some super team that is almost a guarantee to win the whole thing once again. Rose has made me become more interested in the NBA through his resurgence, and tonight showed that a certain city missed him like I have as well –

While the MVP Rose will never be back, this version of Derrick Rose at 30 years old is something that should be peaking your interest, as it is fair to say he has been not only the comeback player of the year this season, but the story of the season to this point. D-Rose, I am incredibly happy to see you back playing at a high level like I knew you could someday, thank you for giving me interest in the league once again.

A 24 point, 8 assist performance in his return to Chicago in front of friends and family is truly something to smile about.

– Scott Edwards, Creator of WTF Sports

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