Is Steph Curry The New Michael Jordan?

For many years Michael Jordan was the face of the NBA. Jordan changed the game of basketball with his playing style at forward and the frequency of dunks he featured each game. He was a one man show at times. His Air Jordan’s are still one of the best shoes to buy. Jordan was the player that came to mind when thinking of champions in the 90s. It’s tough to match up to Jordan’s all around legacy, but Steph Curry is on track to do just that.

MJ has a grocery list of awards that would take forever to list off. Some of his accomplishments that stand out the most include being 6-time NBA champion and NBA Finals MVP, a 5-time NBA MVP, a 14-time All-star, a 10-time NBA scoring champion, and he has won 4 Olympic gold medals. He may just be the greatest athlete of all time. Just looking at his amazing statistics and highlights of his prime, you just think of his dedication. To be that great at a sport means that Jordan must have put his heart and soul into his game. He brought crowds into every NBA arena and people were extremely entertained. One of his most inspirational performances was in Game 5 of the NBA Finals in 1997. Jordan had flu-like systems, but still played, and scored 38 points and even got the deciding 3 pointer with 25 seconds left. This guy will always have legendary status and is a huge leader to people of all ages.

Now in comparison to Jordan, Steph Curry has matched what Jordan has meant to the NBA and the legacy will continue for many years to come. Curry has changed the playing style of basketball from three-point land. Instead of just driving to the hoop and taking close jump shots, players are taking more threes a game than ever before. There is a crazy statistic out there that Curry has a better shooting percentage from 30 feet out then a lot of players normal shots. Also, kids are even attempting to shoot more threes because they want to be like Steph. So, just like in Jordan’s time with dunk production, the NBA’s three point attempt numbers have gone up the same amount. Part of the reason might be because every team is doing their best to just keep up with the Golden State Warriors. He has the finisher factor that Jordan always had in the playoffs and then some. He is a special talent and who knows if we will see a shooter like this again. Curry is a 3-time NBA Champion, 2-time NBA MVP and so far making a case for a third this season, a 5-time All-star, and an NBA scoring champion.

Yes Curry’s numbers aren’t close to Jordan’s, but this article is about who is leading in NBA legacy and not who the best player of all-time is. Both of these players lead by example for the players of the NBA, the game of basketball, and the fans.

Jordan had the signature Dunk and Curry will always be known for the ability to make a splash anywhere on the court.

Two completely different stories, that changed the game equally, and brought magic to the game. MJ will always be the Airness, but that Curry flurry is definitely making a run of his own.

Michael Garaventa – Contributor – WTF Sports


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