Like it or Not: Barry Bonds should be in Cooperstown

Like it or Not: Barry Bonds should be in Cooperstown

Before I hear the excuse, the steroids are the reason or steroids ruined baseball, save it. Save it right now. I understand the useless reason, it is not a fair argument in anyway. One of the greatest to ever play the game, Willie Mays is on my side, so why aren’t you?

I love that he just KNEW (Record Breaking 756)
As a baseball nerd, I love watching the launch angle of this baseball.

The all-time home run leader Barry Bonds has yet to make it to Cooperstown despite being on the ballot for six years, and he is quite possibly the greatest hitter of all time. People cannot realize that Bonds was a phenomenal player from his beginnings to his end. Bonds won his first of seven MVP awards in 1990 with the Pirates, but you know, those steroids swung the bat for him, those steroids did the fielding for him. It really is a joke that the old geezers that vote on the hall of fame every single season continue to keep the best power hitting in the history of baseball out of there because of PEDs.

Bonds was the best player in baseball during the golden age of baseball in the 1990s and early 2000s. That means something. The selling ability of who Bonds the player was special, something that the MLB desperately needs today. Yes, Mike Trout is great, sure Mookie Betts is pretty cool, but none of them are Barry Bonds. Barry Bonds could hit the ball to the moon in any given at-bat (see bomb below to believe it)

Ball actually never came down. BOMB

I saw a video the other day that may define exactly who Barry Bonds is. Greg Maddux was talking about the easiest guy to pitch to. His response? Barry Bonds. Why? Because he walked him every time. He said you have to pick your fights in a game, and Bonds was never the fight one should choose. Bonds was a game-changer every single time he got to the batter’s box. And yes, he was magnificent in the field I guess, capturing eight gold gloves in his career. You know what is scary? In 2004, Barry Bonds had the highest on-base percentage ever, with a whopping .609. That means he was on base every 6 of 10 at bats. Unreal. Actually, for a four-year span, he averaged over .500 for his OBP. But again, he can’t make Cooperstown.

The steroid excuse is a sorry excuse. Face it, the hottest time in baseball was when there was a competitive race to the HR title rather than a race to the pennant. In 2001, Sammy Sosa hit 64 HRs, but Barry Bonds must’ve seen that and said absolutely no chance I am losing the HR title again this season, hitting a record 73 bombs in one season. Oh, and you absolutely know that I am posting all 73 for you all to watch.

I know free agency is right around the corner and the hot stove is absolutely heating up, but when you look think about it, the announcement for the 2019 Baseball Hall of Fame is right around the corner as well. It is time to get the record holder of almost everything into Cooperstown. It is time for the hall of fame to not be a joke, for the voters to understand what Bonds did for baseball, and if it is just for that reason, so be it. Plain and simple, Barry Bonds needs to be in Cooperstown next year.

You’re Welcome. Feels good to be back.

– Scott Edwards, Creator of WTF Sports

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