Predicting Where the Top Free Agent Pitcher Will Land

Patrick Corbin – New York Yankees

Patrick Corbin grew up in Syracuse rooting for the Yankees along with his whole family. When asked about the possibility of donning pinstripes back in December, here was his response, “It would definitely be great to play there. I grew up a Yankee fan. My whole family are Yankee fans. My mom, my dad, my grandpa, everybody. Really, every generation of my family has been Yankee fans. I know the Yankees have had some interest in the past, and there were a lot of rumors this winter that got my family excited. It would have been cool.” Corbin told Bob Nightengale of USA Today.

The Yankees primary need is starting pitching and Corbin should be their top priority. In a breakout year Corbin went 11-7 with a 3.15 ERA. He had 246 strikeouts in exactly 200 innings for the Diamondbacks. Patrick Corbin is the top arm in the market at only 29 years old. The Yankees could seriously benefit from adding a talented left-handed starter like Corbin. Majority of teams will be interested in the top pitcher in free agency which gives Corbin plenty of leverage to pick where he wants to go. The Yankees are a competitive team as well as the team he grew up watching.

The Evil Empire have been spending wisely the last few seasons and waiting for the right time to splurge on some superstars. They currently have the financial capability to negotiate with Corbin and Machado in the same offseason. Cashman knows how capable his team is as constructed. Adding two of the top free agents would almost ensure the Yankees would win a championship and reclaim the throne in the American League East.

See where I project Bryce Harper to land, it is not what most people project:

Bryce Harper Free Agency Prediction

Scott Neville – Head Baseball Writer – WTF Sports





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