Solving the Patriots Receiver Situation

The Patriot’s receiver situation isn’t looking too hot. Especially with Edelman missing the first four games due to suspension. For help with this situation a lot of people are saying sign Dez Bryant. Which is an awful idea, Dez wants to be paid and treated like a number receiver. He just isn’t that guy anymore, he is not as explosive as he used to be, and he cry’s when he doesn’t get the ball. It would just be too much of a headache and money to sign him, and he with out a doubt would not produce at a high rate.

My answer to the wide receiver problem is Brandon LaFell. He wouldn’t cost a lot of money and already knows the Pats system. They could just plug him in and he would be ready to play. He played two years in New England, before going to the Cincinnati Bengals. The first year in New England was his best, catching 74 passes for 953 yards and 7 touchdowns. The second wasn’t great, only catching 37 passes for 515 yards and zero touchdowns, but he only played 11 games and was dealing with injuries all year. Then he went to the Bengals for two years. His first year he caught 64 passes for 862 yards and 6 touchdowns. Then the second year he caught 52 passes for 548 yards and 3 touchdowns. This was all with Andy Dalton at quarterback too, who is just an average to below average quarterback.

LaFell wouldn’t come here and set the world on fire, but he is familiar with the system. Lafell and Brady have a history, he wouldn’t cost a lot of money. He is a professional, there were never problems with him, like there would be with Dez. He would be great to have, while Edelman is out to help the offense. It’ll be even better when Edelman comes back because that just means more weapons on offense. So screw Dez, sign LaFell.

Dillon Stephan – Football Writer – WTF Sports

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