Quick Take: NFL’s new helmet rule

One of the biggest problems in football is trying to keep the players safe in such a violent game. So, the NFL this offseason to tried to make the game safer and they came out with a new rule. The rule states that it is a penalty if a player lowers his head to initiate and make contact with his helmet against an opponent.

Ever since this rule has been put in place it has been a disaster on the field. Tackles that look perfectly legal are being penalized, refs are throwing flags on clean hits. Every game this preseason there is a few flags thrown and it just leaves you thinking, how are you supposed to tackle? It is actually physically and anatomically impossible to tackle someone with your shoulder without lowering your head. Its ruining the game, many players have come out saying they hate the rule too. Mostly because they have made it impossible to tackle. Here are just some videos to show how bad this rule is:

All of these hits are perfectly legal, and it just shows that the NFL needs to change this before the regular season comes. The only hope is that the refs are throwing these flags in the preseason, so they can have tape of what is illegal and legal, so they can call it right in the regular season

Dillon Stephan – Football Writer – WTF Sports

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