How the Rookie QBs did in Preseason Week Two

Sam Darnold:

Darnold really impressed me in his preseason debut week one. He had a veteran level pocket presence, and looked great throwing on the run. Darnold consistently made the right decision and checked down to his hot routes. Most inexperienced QBs would fire the ball into coverage trying to make it on Sports Center. Sam Darnold looked like an NFL QB in his debut. He finished the day 13/18 for 96 yards and his first TD. The #3 Overall Pick did enough week one to get the start in preseason week two.

Darnold continued to impress in his first start of the preseason. The thing that really stood out to me in week two was speed. Darnold made lighting fast decisions and appeared to have as fast of a throwing motion as I’ve seen. His arm strength really stood out on those short to mid-range passes he made. Sam Darnold is really growing on me this preseason. He finished 8/11 with 62 yards and an interception but has continued to build on his game and show off his abilities.

Josh Allen

Josh Allen looks like the ideal NFL QB. He’s 6’5″, 222 lbs and can throw a football 80 yards with ease. I love his potential and will be watching him intently this season. He came out week one and put up a line of 9/19, 116 yards, and a touchdown. His week two was statistically better going 9/13 for 60 yards and a touchdown. The relentless Browns pass rush aided by the Bills lackluster linemen made for some quality plays out of Josh Allen. He was forced to move around in and out of the pocket and was able to create something out of nothing majority of the time. He had 3 rushes for 18 yards and threw from some weird angles. His touchdown play was especially impressive as he juked out a pass rusher while staying in the pocket and threw a strike to the end-zone. His worst play was an arrant throw into the end-zone while on the run. He also threw two passes too early as the receivers weren’t ready for the ball yet. Overall a solid outing for Josh Allen who will need to step up with A.J. McCarron going down with a broken collarbone.

Baker Mayfield

Baker Mayfield had just about as good of a debut as you can, even factoring in that he was the number one overall pick. He went 11/20 with 212 yards and two touchdowns. He built on his week one performance against the Buffalo Bills in a showdown of first round quarterbacks. Mayfield went 7/13 for 75 yards while continuing to look sharp. He did not have the highlight reel plays he made in week one of the preseason but showed he could compete with NFL competition. Mayfield is my favorite rookie to watch and should continue to be as he battles Tyrod Taylor to get on the field this season. Taylor should start the season at the helm but could get replaced once the Browns feel Mayfield is ready.

Josh Rosen

Josh Rosen had an impressive outing against the Saints in week two. He appeared to get stronger as the game went on. His outing was highlighted by a strike to fellow rookie Christian Kirk for a touchdown. Rosen and Kirk looked to have some serious chemistry in this game as Rosen continuously threw the ball Kirk’s way. Cardinals fans should be excited to see that connection for the foreseeable future. Rosen ended the day 10/16 for 107 yards and a touchdown.

The rookie quarterback class has been as strong as any so far through two weeks in the preseason with Lamar Jackson set to go Monday against the Colts. Not one player’s stock went down this week in my opinion as none of the notable rookies have disappointed thus far. Darnold has shown the most in 2018 with Mayfield right behind him. I am excited to see all of these play-callers get into some real games this season and will continue to update the WTF Sports readers on their development.

Scott Neville – Co-Owner – WTF Sports

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