Evaluating the Chris Archer Trade

The Pittsburg Pirates made big splashes landing Chris Archer and Keone Kela the day of the 2018 Trade Deadline. The newest acquisition’s give the Pirates a shot to land a Wild Card spot in 2018, but more importantly are under contract for multiple years allowing for some time to improve and really contend in the near future. I love the strategy here as well as the trade for both sides. The Pirates get a pitcher who could be a true ace now that he is finally apart of a real organization. Archer currently owns a 3-5 record but has a 4.31 ERA with 102 Ks in 96 IP. I could see Archer stepping up when needed in a postseason race. He is under control through 2021 and is only 29-years-old.

The Rays finally admitted defeat and dealt a man who deserved to be released from the torture that was suiting up for Tampa Bay for five seasons. They made the right move by dealing him with years of eligibility as they are not seriously contending anytime soon and the return was significantly higher than what a rental of his talent would haul in.

Austin Meadows  is hitting .292 with 5 HRs, 13 RBIs and a .795 OPS through 49 games this season. Meadows is a 23-year-old left-handed outfielder that projects to be a big time impact player in coming years. It is a little surprising the Pirates were willing to deal Meadows even for a stud like Archer. He has a ton of potential and is a guy to keep on your radar in the coming years.

Tyler Glasnow has been a prospect for the Pirates for a while now and has finally hit somewhat of a stride. Glasnow is a massive 6’8″, 220 lb right-hander that is only 24-years-old and under contract through 2022. Since moving into a bullpen role full time in 2018 Glasnow has put up a 4.34 ERA with 72 Ks in 56 IP. While the ERA is a little high, the strikeout rate is promising and he’s only 24. He is someone to get excited about as well.

Overall I love the move to trade for controllable talent in Pittsburg as well as the decision to deal Archer for maximum value as a player with years of contract control. Archer should be fun to watch as a Pirate while Tampa is on it’s way to building a solid foundation with Meadows and Glasnow.

Scott Neville – Head Baseball Writer – WTF Sports

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